10 Things That Make The Perfect Taxi Service

Everyone at Chester Taxi Services strive to make all the points below part of our service. We like our customers to have confidence when booking a taxi in chester with us.


1.Punctuality is key, if your taxi is late, you are late and that’s never a good start. A frustrated customer is often never a returning customer, so it’s good to keep everyone happy!

2.Dress Code is important because it’s often what first impressions are made from. A scruffy driver or a clean and well dressed driver can make all the difference. It shows respect for yourself, your job and most importantly the customer. Never underestimate first impressions!

3. Clean taxis. You’re first customers of the day awaits pickup and the minibus taxi looks like it’s seen better days already. Many customers don’t mind a little wear and tear. It’s a taxi at the end of the day and taxis are well used vehicles and bound to have signs of wear however what can a little care and attention do?
Well, you transform your customer relations! A once satisfied customer becomes a customer that enjoys your clean, tidy and fresh taxi that is as always, prompt and presentable. It doesn’t matter how you look at this, clean and fresh taxi is a win for both sides. When customers are happy taxi drivers are happy, fact.

4. Polite and social drivers finish off the basics. Some customers prefer to continue with there work, use there phone or chat to friends but others like to use a taxi journey to switch off for a moment. This is where the driver comes in! A taxi driver doesn’t just pick up and drop off customers, drivers are a wealth of local knowledge, banter and jokes. Customers should leave with a smile every time!


5. Competitive prices is a no brainer. If the prices are high it’s going to hit your customers wallets and before you know it bookings have dried up. Special offers and loyalty discounts are a welcome site for any customer especially in the counties current financial situation. These little perks can really mean the world and added together with the above, already makes you a top notch taxi firm.

6. Online taxi bookings and quotes. This is a great feature to have. Customers can check out your prices easily. If you’re offering a satisfactory price being able to make the booking right there and then is a real plus. No more last minute bookings and stressing over finding a taxi cab.
To do one better optional payment methods. Can I pay online or when I get picked up? If the answer is yes you’ve great flexibility which will surely increase bookings and keep hold of existing customers.

7. Multiple ways to contact your favourite taxi in Chester is a must but they must also be easy to find. Contact forms, email, phone and mobile numbers give your customers options. For last minute bookings clearly a mobile or landline is used, but for general enquiries a booking form or email address is the best option. Never have barriers between you and your customers.

8. Minibus taxis for groups of 8 or more. We all like to hang out with friends and sometimes a big bunch of you all want a taxi. Lots of taxi cars just split up the group and increases the cost, so offering minibus’s is not only helping the customer by being cheaper, they get to stick together and continue the fun.
Again to get extra browny points make sure your minibus’s are wheelchair friendly. Everyone should be able to book a taxi!

9. Airport transfers Chester. Many people arrive through local airports so it’s good to capitalise on the new visitors to the area. A good first impression and they may make several booking during there stay. Be prepared for extra luggage and offering a helping hand goes a long way.
Meeting and greeting customer at the terminals is a great service and appreciated by visitors that haven’t been to the area before. A bit of local knowledge share while walking to the taxi makes them feel more at home.
Extra points are awarded if you keep an eye on arrival times to minimise the extra waiting time costs for your customers should the flight be delayed. I’m sure you’ll receive a gratifying sigh of relief as you tell them! Keeping in touch via mobile can ease the initial stress of the visit.

10. And the last must have feature is a professional, simple and easy to navigate website. More and more people are using the internet to find what they want so having your website flying your flag online is a must. It allows customers to get to know you a little before booking. It should offer plenty of information about your services and what to expect. Never underestimate a good looking and straight forward website.

To get those final extra browny points make sure your website works on a mobile. Customers aren’t always near a computer so a mobile is there only option. Make sure customers can view your site at any time with any device.

That’s all ten! Thanks for taking the time to read through our articles. For more information about our taxi services please visit one of our taxi pages. You can find our taxi Chester page here or you can contact us for more information.


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