12 Popular Wedding Venues in Chester

Chester was home to Romans circa 79AD, thus it’s one of the most well-preserved walled cities in UK and home to Britain’s oldest racecourse, too.

For fashionistas who know a clever shopping arrangement when they find it, Chester is also home to the world’s first two-tiered “mall.” It was built--no doubt--by a beleaguered 13th Century husband whose wife whined nonstop about ruining her shoes every time she plodded through street muck. Chester’s Rows remains an iconic tribute to the past.

Today’s Chester is a thriving metropolis that’s a charming mix of old world architecture and new world amenities. Located to so close to Wales it literally sits on the border, Chester is only 25 miles from John Lennon Airport, a distance we know well as the premier provider of airport transfers between the wedding venues profiled here and Chester.

Chester wedding Venues - Chester Taxi Services

Chester may not have been declared an official epicenter of weddings, but it should receive that designation because there are hundreds of appropriate civil wedding locations in close proximity. We’ve driven to and from all of them and can attest to the fact that while there are plenty Chester churches to suit purists, the real wedding action is found in diverse locations surrounding this hub.

As a service to our passengers, we’ve considered hundreds of venues, created a short list of 100 and culled a dozen locations worthy of brides and grooms eager to stick close to Chester, and you know which taxi in Chester to call when you need to get around.

Wedding Venues in Chester

ABode Chester

At the heart of city centre, ABode Chester never met a wedding challenge it couldn’t handle. From lush views of the nation’s oldest racecourse and Chester Castle to suites designed to spoil, pamper and delight the bride, groom and up to 140 guests, hold your ceremony and reception in one place so guests needn't flit around to enjoy festivities. Wedding packages are lavish and cover every detail, from picturesque environs to elegant food. Every staff member knows how to turn dreams into reality--with or without pomp and circumstance. And in the spirit of a truly unique wedding where the smallest touches are huge, ABode warns all guests that this elegant venue is confetti friendly.

Address: Grosvenor Road CH1 2DJ
Tel: 01244 347 000
Website: www.abodechester.co.uk


Doubletree by Hilton Hotel & Spa Chester

The brand may be American, but there’s nothing like this in the Colonies! A spectacular estate nestled into the countryside less than 2 miles from city center, Doubletree by Hilton has been re-purposed from a grand 18th Century Manor House and lovingly restored to its former elegance, assuring brides and grooms of a most romantic affair. Couples eager to marry in Mother Nature’s playground can request their ceremony within a Victorian-walled garden, though the Conservatory ballroom is breathtaking and comfortably accommodates 350 revelers. The food is heavenly. The spa? State-of-the-art. With 140 guest rooms available, no need to pare down your guest list, either.

Address: Warrington Road Hoole CH2 3PD
Tel: 01244 408 800
Website: www.doubletree3.hilton.com



There’s a reason you’ll discover a newly-married couple dancing on the ceiling when you visit the Oddfellows website: this isn’t your ordinary venue. It’s quirky. Unique. Fascinating. And so romantic, over-the-top décor takes guests into world so fanciful, it's easy to forget that there’s a world outside. Designed for intimate ceremonies and private dining receptions for up to 60 guests--or that 140-person extravaganza your mum insists upon staging--customization is Oddfellows’ claim to fame. Even the bedrooms are straight out of an Alice fantasy—so if a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme wedding and reception has been on your mind forever, you won’t be the first couple to request it.

Address: 20 Lower Bridge Street CH1 1RS
Tel: 01244 34 54 54
Website: www.oddfellowschester.com


Chester Racecourse

Admit it: You’ve always had a soft spot for the horsy set, so if the idea of treating your wedding guests to heavenly food catered by the creative chefs belonging to the Horseradish team sounds too yummy to ignore, perhaps you shouldn't. Invite your guests to explore six acres of racecourse along the River Dee. Does Dad insist on inviting half of Liverpool? When he hears that this scenic venue accommodates up to 650 guests, he may not mind underwriting an extravaganza. Award-winning caterers responsible for corralling and feeding your crowd treat attendees to locally-grown and seasonal produce plus an embarrassing amount of individual attention. No wonder brides and grooms consider this the ultimate venue for civil ceremonies. Minus the horses, of course.

Address: Watergate Street, The Racecourse CH1 2LY
Tel: 01244 304 660
Website: www.chester-races.co.uk


The Chester Grosvenor

From the moment you set foot on the grounds, you will envision weddings that have taken place within the gardens and chambers of this estate since 1865. Originally the site of a Druid temple supplanted by a Roman temple, the Grosvenor treats wedding guests to 2000 years of history as they roam opulent grounds before beholding a hand-painted interior glass skylight that splashes the world with colour and reflects the light of a 28,000-piece crystal chandelier. Guests enjoy catering that rivals award-winning Paris eateries. The very definition of a boutique hotel, this estate hosts between 2 and 240 guests, yet no matter how large your affair happens to be, service given to each attendee is unrivaled.

Address: Eastgate Street; CH1 1LT
Tel: 01244 324024
Website: www.chestergrosvenor.com


Chester Town Hall

Are you the thoroughly-modern engaged couple? Do you refuse to power down your mobile because there’s a chance your boss might need you at 3 a.m.? Welcome to the world of conflicted couples: You live life on the edge of tomorrow yet crave romance when the heart insists. Book your wedding at Chester Town Hall to have your cake and eat it too within surroundings that could make Henry VIII consider a seventh wife. No longer home to bureaucrats, official rooms become sacred spaces welcoming parties of between 30 and 250. Whether you desire a lavish affair or a simple English breakfast with intimates on your wedding day, make it official at Town Hall for all the right reasons.

Address: Town Hall Northgate Street; CH1 2HJ
Tel: 01244 304660
Website: www.chestertownhall.co.uk


Hallmark Hotel Chester, The Queen

The staff at this venerable wedding location has 150 years of practice throwing unique weddings. Hidden gardens, luxe ceremony enclaves, opulent banquet facilities and ultra-luxe guest rooms tie your big day together with a big ribbon. Guests enjoy both proximity to town centre and a venue that’s so private and opulent, you may as well be far off into the countryside. Featured on the TV programme “Four Weddings,” The Queen carefully selects staff eager to work with nervous Mums, overwhelmed brides and worried Dads. Choose from eight ceremony sites: from palace-like rooms to an Italian terrace and garden area straight out of a Renaissance painting. Invite 300 guests if you know that many people. They’ll be impressed by the location, the food and your good taste.

Address: City Road CH1 3AH
Tel: 0330 028 3402
Website: www.hallmarkhotels.co.uk


The Events Co. at Old Hall

Plan a quintessentially British wedding here on Abbot Historic Grounds. The 13th Century moat encircling this lovely destination offers the ultimate in privacy, though if guests imbibe in too much bubbly, that moat has tales to tell! Interiors are perfectly suited to formal occasions and the dramatic windows that overlook the lush lawn make an idyllic backdrop for your special event. Our new marquee, lavished with wisteria, welcomes every guest upon arrival at the Taittenger Champagne Terrace. The sweet fragrance may even follow them into lavishly-appointed interiors. Invite 300 of your nearest and dearest for an evening reception guaranteed to leave you both with stunning photos and unforgettable memories.

Address: Aldford Road CH3 6EA
Tel: 07712 124393
Website: www.theeventscoatoldhall.com


Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa

Will you have your wedding cake and eat it too? The answer is yes if you two decide to make the Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa the epicenter of your wedding. You’re a few miles from town center; just far enough away to enjoy the full English countryside experience, yet close enough to ask us to take guests into town for excursions. This stately venue prides itself on amenities. Host up to 220 people while taking advantage of the creative packages Mollington staff has put together that could include a wedding gift you are not expecting: receive a free £500 bar tab if you book within certain dates in 2017. From a spectacular cake to a honeymoon suite, getting out of Chester for your nuptials may be the best decision you two make since since falling in love.

Address: Parkgate Road Mollington CH1 6NN
Tel: 01244 851471
Website: www.mollingtonbanastrehotel.co.uk


Crabwall Manor Hotel & Spa

You needn’t be to the manor born to hold your romantic nuptials at Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa because on your big day, you’ll metaphorically own the place! No newcomer to the area, this grand estate has hosted some of the most lavish entertainments and celebrations in the Chester area since 1600, but all 48 bedrooms and baths have been tastefully updated, decorated and appointed in 21st Century style. From the carefully groomed lawn and gardens to interior banquet facilities, guests enjoy white glove service, a caring staff, gourmet dining--and that spa. When was the last time you heard guests bragging about returning home from a wedding in a total state of bliss?

Address: Parkgate Rd, Mollington, Chester CH1 6NE
Tel: 01244 851666
Website: www.crabwallmanorhotelandspa.com


Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa

The further away you get from city center, the quieter your big day will be—unless, of course, your mates are the rowdy sort. Located about 5 miles from hustle, bustle and traffic, you’ll be treated to exotic spa massages usually found in the Middle East, the hotel’s romantic gardens, lake, rustic bridge and centre island. Having won awards for over-the-top weddings and featuring the sort of natural backdrops photographers pray for, choose from five grand banqueting suites or take your guests outside to watch you say your vows before a splashing fountain or amid the Asian Sensory Garden. On-site eateries and fitness facilities offer guests everything they want and need so your invitation to join them in the merrymaking will be especially cherished.

Address: Wrexham Road Pulford CH4 9DG
Tel: 01244 570560
Website: www.grosvenorpulfordhotel.co.uk


Hallmark Hotel Llyndir Hall

We’d love to drive your guests the scant 5 miles to Rossett from Chester’s town centre because we enjoy seeing their faces when taken through the estate's imposing gates and up the long drive to 19th Century Llyndir Hall. There’s a 200-year-old Beech tree on the Wales estate, an antique Italian-style pergola lavished with fairy lights for lawn ceremonies and if the weather refuses to cooperate, Llyndir’s Conservatory makes a dramatic substitute. There are 51 luxury bedrooms available for guests and classically-trained staff prides itself on treating each one like royalty. What will your guests love most about your wedding? The festivities, of course. But don't discount access to the swimming pool, gym and spa. No wonder we don't hear from guests we transport here until they're ready to leave again!

Address: Llyndir Lane Rossett LL12 0AY
Tel: 01244 571 648
Website: www.hallmarkhotels.co.uk


Chester Wedding Taxi & Chauffeur Service - Chester Taxi Services

Transport the final piece in your wedding puzzle?

As transportation professionals, we know that moods are set from the moment a bride, groom, family member or guest hire us to get them to destinations safely and on time, but while in residence at any of the top-drawer venues we’ve profiled here, we’re always available to take guests around town at any hour as they expand their time in Chester to see all of the unique sites we have to offer.

Our drivers are licensed to do more than just drive a vehicle: They know about Chester’s history, attractions and the most efficient ways to get around, so putting us on speed dial can make everyone’s wedding experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. Our fleet has expanded to handle the meteoric growth our transport company has enjoyed for over a decade. Put your arrangements into your hands and count on us to make your stay in Chester unforgettable.


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