A Day Out in Chester for the Lads

A group of lads together can spell trouble. They’re loud, energetic and always up for a laugh and a joke. They will find fun in places you would never think to try and, whether they stay in their home town or travel to far flung cities, they will invariably leave a trail of laughter in their wake.

Browsing the unique boutiques and soaking up the cultural side of Chester may appeal to the ladies, but lads need action. A day out for them is all about expending energy and having the time of their lives. It will invariably involve a pint or two (or three), lots of humorous banter, and a few practical jokes. So how will a lads’ day out in Chester unfold?

A Day Out in Chester for the Lads - Chester Taxi Services

An Active Start forthe Lads

It’s a known fact that guys love football, and many of them also love golf. Playing either on a lads’ day out would be too clichéd, but what if there was a way to experience the best of both sports in a different way? Enter Footgolf, an exhilarating combination of football and golf played on a 9- or 18-hole golf course with size 5 footballs and 52cm holes. No irons or wedges allowed; you rely solely on your kicking ability to advance around the course.

Foregolf is about a 15-minute taxi ride from Chester town centre, towards the border with Wales, and is one of more than 250 registered Footgolf courses dotted around the UK. It has a combination of par 3, 4 and 5 holes catering for all kicking abilities and promises a fun-filled couple of hours as you bend it like Beckham through 18 holes.

While the rules of the game are similar to those in traditional golf, the dress code is somewhat more relaxed allowing you to liven things up by competing in your favourite football team’s kit.

Time for a Break

Paddington Bear was always fond of elevenses and after a rollicking game of Footgolf it’s time to head back to Chester for the first pint of the day or, if you prefer, tea and marmalade sandwiches. There are plenty of fabulous pubs and cafes to choose from in Chester. The traditional Tudor English style of the 17th century Bear and Billet in Lower Church Street is a great place to soak up a bit of history, while the more modern style of The Architect in Nicholas Street has its own appeal. Jaunty Goat Coffee has several locations in Chester and is popular with local and visiting caffeinistas. Wherever you choose to have your elevenses, make sure that you don’t dally too long. More fun awaits!

Exploring Chester in a Unique Way

There are so many ways explore Chester. The Sightseeing Bus is always a good go-to if you’re pushed for time but want to see as much as possible, or you can put together your own walking tour of the city with a bit of research. Some people may select a couple of attractions that appeal to them and focus on those, like the Chester Cathedral, the zoo or the Castle and Agricola Tower. But our group of lads needs something a little different, and a treasure hunt around Chester fits the bill.

Treasure Hunt Chester allows you to explore the main attractions and hidden gems of this historic city without any aimless wandering and in an interactive and entertaining way. There’s no set start time and no time constraints, so you can stop at any stage to refuel with another pint or re-energise with a snack. As long as at least one of you has a smart phone, you can download your treasure hunt map and clues that will take you on a scenic route around Chester. Your hunt app host, Bess, will give you snippets of interesting information and tell many tales as you discover and uncover more about this exciting city.

Last Rounds at the Bar

After an action-packed day of laddish fun, entertainment and undoubtedly infectious laughter, you and your mates can unwind by visiting a few of Chester’s popular pubs. Whether you decide to embark on a pub crawl, or just rehash the events of the day over a few pints at a selected local establishment, you’ll enjoy the variety of real ale pubs that Chester has to offer.

With the majority of the pubs located inside the old city walls, there are plenty of options within easy reach. Several like The Victoria and The Boot Inn date back centuries and are well worth a visit, while newer, trendy establishments attract a younger, hipper crowd. Chester also boasts several microbreweries, like The Brewery Tap and Chester Beer Company, so if craft beers are more your tipple you won’t be disappointed!

Before you know it, your day out with the lads in Chester will be over and you’ll be back to the usual stomping grounds. You will take away plenty of crazy moments and hilarious stories that will stay with you for a long time and are certain to encourage another trip to the country town of Cheshire.

Getting Around Chester

Being an old city, Chester does have its limitations during busy seasons. Chester park & ride is a great option for day trippers, whilst parking in Chester should be planned ahead of time if you are visiting during peak season and events. Our minibus taxis are perfect for a group of lads on a day out in Chester and can be booked from your hotel or location.


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