Booking Instructions

  1. Login to your corporate account with your 8-digit account number.
  2. Begin typing your pickup/dropoff locations and choose your desired locations from the dropdown list.  Please make sure to select the locations as this will help prevent the system from producing an incorrect pickup lead time (travel time for the driver to arrive).
  3. Choose the correct required vehicle.  If the desired vehicle isn’t available, please call the office after making your booking and we’ll update the booking for you.
  4. Please enter any additional notes within the notes section provided on the booking page.
  5. Please provide a clear booking name and contact mobile number of the passenger.
  6. Choose your preferred method of payment.
  7. An email booking confirmation will be sent out automatically upon booking completion and can be viewed under the ‘My bookings’ section.
  1. We will not accept changes to the booking by the passenger.  This must be done by the account holder only.
  2. Any bookings made by cash or card payment and not through an account will need to be paid by the passenger and a receipt will be provided.

Book a Corporate Account Taxi

Book a Taxi