Can I Book an Uber in Chester?

We recently came across this ploy from Uber and their Chester website landing page, which uses ambiguous and sneaky wording and FAQs to push users to book UberX instead of taxis in Chester.

Can I Book an Uber in Chester? - Chester Taxi Services

So, we decided to answer their FAQs properly for Uber.

Uber in Chester FAQs

Q: Can I book a taxi in Chester with Uber?

No, you can not book a taxi in Chester with Uber.

Why would you want to:

  • Taxis in Chester are Licenced and Regulated. Uber is not
  • All taxi drivers in Chester are CRB checked. If you like playing fast and loose with your safety (just google it), try an Uber.
  • Taxi fares are regulated; you know what you will pay. Uber pricing is estimated and can change significantly. Google: Chester women charged £80 for 4 mile Uber journey.


Q: How many passengers can ride together with Uber in comparison to taxis in Chester?

Given the Uber vehicles available in Chester, you would be lucky to find a 6 seater, 4 is the norm. With a taxi in Chester you can have an 8 seater available to you 24/7.

Q: How late can I request a trip with Uber in comparison to taxi rides in Chester?

Taxis in Chester are available 24/7. With Uber it depends on who wants to wake up and drive around.

Q: Taxis in Chester typically take credit cards. Can I pay for my trip with Uber with a credit card?

Taxis in Chester accept credit and debit cards. No you cannot pay your Uber with a credit or debit card – unless your account is linked.

Q: Similarly to taxis in Chester, can I tip my driver using the Uber app?

Sure, but why would you even be in an Uber.

Q: Can I change my destination after booking a trip with Uber in Chester?

Yes you can, but the driver may not accept the change and drop you off at the side of the road. Give a real taxi a call and we will pick you up and get you to your destination safely.

Q: What taxi apps work in Chester?

All taxis have apps available in Chester and they all work.

Q: How much does UberX cost in comparison to a taxi near me in Chester?

There is no comparison. Taxi fares in Chester are regulated and you know exactly what the cost will be. Ubers pricing is an estimate and can go up to £80 for a 4 mile journey, don’t believe us just Google it.

Q: What do I do if I forget an item in the vehicle I booked with Uber in Chester?

Good luck getting it back, we warned you.

Q: Can I request a wheelchair-accessible taxi near me?

There are no wheelchair accessible Uber vehicles available currently in Chester. Taxis in Chester on the other hand are mandated to have wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Hopefully we have cleared up some of Ubers shenanigans on their Chester page.

While Uber has been marketed as a more convenient and reliable option, there are limitations to using the service, such as surge pricing, driver availability, and the potential for longer wait times. In contrast, licensed taxis are subject to regulations that ensure they are always available for passengers and meet specific safety and accessibility standards.

While the choice between Uber and licensed taxis ultimately depends on the passenger’s specific needs, it’s important for all passengers to be informed and aware of the risks and limitations of using either service. By understanding the potential safety risks, insurance limitations, accessibility barriers, and convenience factors, passengers can make an informed decision about which service to use.


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