Freshers Tips to Chester

It’s arrived! Your freshman year is finally starting, bringing with it adventures, excitement and new experiences. Your bags are packed, you’ve said goodbye to your family, even the dog. The University of Chester is calling, and you’re ready to hit … Read More

Chester Eat Out to Help Out

Eat Out to Help Out is an initiative by the government to partner with restaurants for their customers to get a discount from 3 to 31 August, get a 50% discount when you eat in at restaurants that are registered … Read More

Chester’s Drive In Cinema

Drive-ins are to die for, aren’t they? Youngsters today (and we’re talking about anybody under forty) probably wouldn’t even know what we were going on about, because in this new age of watching movies on your phone while riding the … Read More

Real Ale Pubs in Chester

Looking for a real ale pub in Chester, we have you covered! The original pub crawl took place around 1645 in either England or Scotland (both claim bragging rights) when Sir Geoffrey Toppenbottom and pals went out for an ale … Read More

Day Out in Ellesmere Port

Sandwiched between Chester and Liverpool, Ellesmere Port is a town on the rise in North West England. In step with the surrounding area, the riverside conurbation has grown beyond its industrial roots. Today, modern architecture lives comfortably alongside the region’s … Read More

Sightseeing in Chester

If you are looking for a unique holiday getaway, Chester has it all. Chester traces its roots back to 79 AD. This walled city has been named one of the prettiest in England, and packed full of sightseeing gems and … Read More

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