Chester’s Ceremony of the Gates

An exciting and unique event is about to take place in Chester on May 5, 2018. At 11:30 am, the temporary wooden gates at Eastgate are being opened in first Ceremony of the Gates. Featuring reenactments of the Roman occupation … Read More

Parking in Chester

At Chester Taxis we understand that finding parking in Chester can be difficult, especially during peak seasonal times where finding parking can put a dampener on the day. We know that grabbing a taxi is not always possible, so we … Read More

Eastgate in Chester, a Cabbies Guide

Take a tour of Eastgate in Chester with some of Chesters friendliest and best-informed taxi drivers already at your beck and call? Of course, your time schedule and ability to cram lots into your visit will require stamina and planning—which … Read More

12 Popular Wedding Venues in Chester

Chester was home to Romans circa 79AD, thus it’s one of the most well-preserved walled cities in UK and home to Britain’s oldest racecourse, too. For fashionistas who know a clever shopping arrangement when they find it, Chester is also … Read More

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