Cheshire; England’s Most Beautiful County

If you have never been to Cheshire, you are in for a treat. This county is extremely beautiful with fields of green, waterways and hills, yes hills. There are some towns and cities with rich history in Cheshire that you may not have thought of visiting.

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Located in the North West, surrounded by Merseyside, Great Manchester, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Flintshire, Wales, and Wrexham County Borough. The county town is Chester, and the largest city is Warrington. Cheshire’s name was first known as Legeceasterscir. This was in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Edward the Elder created this town in 920. Once the English language started to change, the name became Cheshire. The Welsh language is used sometimes because of the different divisions known as hundreds that divided the region. In other words, the land to the West became Wales, Atiscross and Exestan were two hundred that became part of Flintshire, and Maelor Saesneg (Duddestan Hundred) was transfers to Northern Wales. In 1069, there was a local resistance in Cheshire that was put down by draconian efforts. Some of the major landowners had their property confiscated as means to set an example of resisting authority.

William I declared Cheshire a County Palatine. Gerbod the Fleming became Early of Chester. However, he went back to Normandy and William I ended up giving the title to Hugh d’ Avranches. This title gave him rule over the County Palatine. Because the Palatine was independent, the Magna Carta had no effect on Cheshire. The Early had to right up his own charter. Several centuries later, there are three unitary authorities known Cheshire East, Cheshire West, and Chester.

Cheshire population is well over 600,000 and has a Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff. Most of the people identify themselves as being Christian with the major religion being Anglican Catholics. Cheshire has a very diverse economy. The city’s economic survival depends on chemical, financial, food and drink, biotechnology, automotive, agriculture, tourism and ICT. It is also known for making salt, silk, and Cheshire cheese. Because Cheshire is a rural county, there are many farms in the region. Cattle are the dominant livestock, while dairy is the main trade. Salt mining, which is still done today, goes hand in hand with the chemical industry. There is also an oil refinery known as Essar, which is at Ellesmere Port. For the automotive industry, you have Bentley, Jaguar, and Vauxhall Motors. There is an aircraft industry in Cheshire as well. BAE Systems, which is part of the Military Air Solutions division is located at Woodford Aerodrome.

Tourism in Cheshire is always bustling. On average this county gets over 2 million visitors a year. That’s not bad for a town whose population is less than that. If you want to shop in Cheshire, there are no shortage of boutiques and stores in the city. The city had stores and outlets the will appeal to every age group. Some of the most notable places are Zara, John Louis At Home, Cheshire Toy Shop, Nike Factory Store, Sports Direct, and TK Maxx. As far as places to eat, you can grab a bite at LA POPOTE LIMITED, La Boheme, Sticky Walnut, Upstairs At The Grill, and Cheshire Sandwich Company just to name a few.

You could take a look around at some historic sites such as the Grosvenor Museum, Chester City Walls the Cathedral, and Sick To Death. Exploring Sick To Death is interesting. This is a tour that takes you back in time to the medieval periods to look at science and medicine. You get to hear commentary about the diseases that wiped out populations of people, and you get to see a garden full of herbs. You can also explore some of natures best at Blue Planet Aquarium and Chester Falconry & Nature Gardens. If you want to play in one of the best games in the city, try Escapism Chester. The core of the game centres around locking guests in a room for a timed 60-minute session where they have to use problem solving to analysis a specific theme. Using a strategy, they are supposed to be able to escape after figuring out the issue at hand. It is exciting because you have to be in a room with other people you do not know and have to band together in order to win the challenge and escape the room.

When planning a stay in Cheshire, there are some very nice hotels that will accommodate you and the family. Hallmark Hotel The Queen, Roomzzz Chester City Centre, Doubletree Hilton Hotel & Spa, The Pied Bull, Hartford Hall, and The Chester Grosvenor Hotel are just some of the comfortable places where you can relax and enjoy your time in Cheshire. The best are real nice and soft. You can also take a nice hot bath or shower in the cute and quaint bathrooms.

Cheshire is a wonderful place to visit and explore something different than what you would be used too, where the air is fresh and the pastures are green. You will not regret it.


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