Chester Airport (Hawarden) Guide

Chester (Hawarden) Airport has been operating since 1939 and, over the years, has evolved from an RAF airfield into a modern transportation centre. The airport is in Flintshire, Wales, just a short distance from the English border and Chester city, only 6.5 Km to the west-southwest. There are still remnants of wartime Britain in some hangars, and visitors can also see remains of the aircraft that were kept there. Hawarden Airfield is home to an Airbus factory Broughton factory, which manufactures aircraft wings. Aviation Park Group has its headquarters at the site and is the only company with handling rights.

Chester Airport Destinations

Hawarden airfield developed a new terminal to improve the regular services available to customers. The airport is popular with corporate and chartered flights. Airbus Beluga conducts frequent freight flights through the airfield, carrying aircraft wings to Bremen, Toulouse and Hamburg Finkenwerder. The nearest airports to Chester-Hawarden are Liverpool John Lennon at 19.28 km, Manchester, 50.66 Km and Warton Aerodrome, located 63.35 Km to the north.

Dining at Chester Airport

Chester-Hawarden sees a lot of business and private activities, and the Chocks Away Diner is the place to visit for decent meals. It is open to passengers from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening, meaning you can stop by for breakfast, brunch, lunch or snacks. The freshly baked cakes are a treat if you feel like getting some afternoon tea. Chocks Away Diner uses fresh produce from the locals to prepare all its meals, so you can always count on delicious foods.

Passengers passing through the Aviation Park Business Center can have in-flight catering available at the diner. You should use advanced booking if you want in-flight catering to avoid last-minute rushes.

Chester-Hawarden Airport Executive Lounge

Aviation Park Group ensures that corporate and VIP passengers have a place to relax when using the Hawarden Airfield. The classy lounge has a reputation for personalised services to suit individual requirements. For one, a fully fitted self-service kitchen is stocked with complimentary snacks and refreshments. If you feel like a cup of coffee is necessary to get you through the wait, you can brew one the way you prefer. The free Wi-Fi guarantees you can check up on work or communicate with associates without leaving the luxury of the lounge. APG has your entertainment sorted out, as well as the HG TV in the room, not to mention there is AC for those hot travels.

The meeting rooms for hire available at the airfield are other facilities that passengers can take advantage of. APG provides one large room and two small ones, ideal for boardroom meetings of different sizes. The number of occupants that can fit in the rooms depends on the layout, so you can contact the airfield handling services to learn more. Meeting rooms are furnished with the appropriate equipment like an Epson projector with surround sound system. Technical support is on standby to attend to passengers using the facilities for meetings. The high-speed free Wi-Fi makes it possible to conduct all kinds of business without leaving the airport. There are in-house catering services as well. Aviation Park Group lists the prices and menu for deft meal times.

Chester-Hawarden Airport Parking

The airfield avails parking spaces next to the executive lounge, increasing travellers’ convenience. Toing and froing between the corporate lounge and the parking lot take a short while, which is a big plus for a person who has been on a long flight. If you have VIPs coming in through the airfield and have to pick them up, the lounge’s proximity makes the task less troublesome. Passengers can also utilise the free parking space near the terminal.

The disabled parking spaces at the airport guarantee that passengers who need special facilities and assistance receive them adequately. APG’s staff is on hand to meet all demands from customers with mobility issues. Confirm with the handling services in good time if special services will be required.

Chester-Hawarden Airport Security

The gate that leads into the airport has a guard posted every hour of the day as part of the security measures. Every entry into the airfield must sign in at the security gatehouse. Whether you are boarding an aircraft or attending a meeting in one of the facilities, individuals are encouraged to follow this protocol. Arrangements for immigration, customs and special branch clearances must be made in advance when using the airport for VIP or corporate travel.

Chester-Hawarden Airport Transportation

Aviation Park Group offers complimentary airside transfers for passengers who need them, so make arrangements in advance if necessary. Additionally, passengers can use the car escort to the aircraft that the airport provides. The service, however, is only accessible with prior arrangements, and the airside insurance cover applies.

Whether you are heading home to a hotel or another airport, a taxi service is affordable. The pickup and drop-off points at the airport allow passengers to come in or leave by taxis in Chester, which you can easily hire online. Make sure to use online booking for the taxi that will fetch or take you to the Chester airport transfer to avoid delays. Ask the handling service about restrictions on the taxi company you can hire for drop off or pick up at the airfield.

One upside of a car hire is that you have a whole fleet from which to pick a vehicle. Another is that you can get a contract for the duration of the trip, meaning you won’t have to hail a taxi every morning you are in the area. Alternatively, you can use corporate transportation services, especially when multiple VIPs arrive through the Chester Airport. Browse the rates of different car rentals before settling on one. Note that a car hire service may cost slightly more than a taxi.

Chester-Hawarden may be a small airfield, but the handling services available for passengers are first-class. Whether you are going away from or coming into Chester, research your transport options and make early reservations for a stress-free travel experience.

Airport FAQs:

Q: Does Chester Airport offer commercial passenger flights?
Currently, Chester Airport does not offer commercial passenger flights. It is primarily used for general aviation, corporate and private fligandll as flight training.

Q: What kind of aircraft can use Chester Airport?
Chester Airport can accommodate small to medium-sized aircraft, including private jets and helicopters.

Q: How far is Chester Airport from the city of Chester?
Chester Airport is located approximately 6.5 miles (10.5 km) from Chester.

Q: Is there public transportation available to and from Chester Airport?
Public transportation options are available to and from Chester Airport, including buses. Chester Taxi Service also provide a Chester airport taxi to this and other airports.

Q: What is the airport code for Chester Airport?
The IATA airport code for Chester Airport is CEG, and the ICAO airport code is EGNR.

Q: Is there parking available at Chester Airport?
Yes, there is parking available at Chester Airport, including short-term and long-term options.

Q: Can I rent a car at Chester Airport?
Yes, there are several car rental companies located at Chester Airport, including Avis and Hertz.

Q: What amenities are available at Chester Airport?
Chester Airport has limited amenities, but a café and a lounge are open for passengers.

Q: Can I book a private jet or helicopter charter from Chester Airport?
Yes, you can book private jet or helicopter charters from Chester Airport. Several private aviation companies operate from the airport and offer charter services.

Q: Does Chester Airport have a flight school?
Yes, Chester Airport is home to several flight schools and flying clubs offering flight training and pilot certification programs. Some of these are Flintshire Flying School, Into the Blue and Cheshire Flying Club.

Q: Are there any hotels near Chester Airport?
Several hotels are located near Chester Airport, including the City Hotel Chester, Village Hotel Chester St David’s and Abode Chester.

Q: What other attractions are there in the area around Chester Airport?
Chester Airport is located near several popular tourist destinations, including the historic city of Chester, the beautiful North Wales coastline, and the Snowdonia National Park. There are also several historic castles and stately homes in the area as numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports.


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