The Taxi Industry Into 2020

Since 2018, the number of licensed vehicles has increased by 2.5 percent in England. The number of licensed taxis in England, Wales and London have been steadily increasing since 1972. The increase in the taxi market is expected to reach … Read More

Chester Events 2020

Chester and Cheshire have some great events lined up for 2020. Chester also has a finite amount of parking (being a historical city) especially for popular events in the city and a little pre-planning is advised, from hotel accommodation to … Read More

Chester Race Days 2020

Chester Race Days for 2020 have been announced, there will be 15 race days for 2020. As always, the season will start with the prestigious May Festival. It will run for three days between Tuesday, May 5 and Thursday, May … Read More

Christmas Party Venues in Chester

Historic Chester is a stunningly beautiful place and offers a range of venues for Christmas parties, whether it be a friends or for your small business. You’ll find plenty of places that have varied Christmas menus and Christmas party nights … Read More

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