Chester Racecourses New Information Personnel

In July an exciting new initiative commences by Chester Racecourse! The sponsors hope to increase public awareness about the historic Chester Racecourse and its current rules and regulations. A number of information personnel will station themselves along routes leading to … Read More

Visiting The Rows in Chester

You’ll Step Back in Time When Shopping The Rows at Chester For power shoppers who want a nostalgic stroll down memory lane rather than a rocket ride through a collection of modern shops, The Rows in Chester have no equal. … Read More

Romantic Hotel Breaks In Chester

One of the most romantic destinations you will ever visit is Chester. You can cruise on the River Dee for a sensational boat trip, relax with a cocktail on the cobbled streets, visit Grosvenor Park, enjoy the ancient and beautiful … Read More

Chester Music Festival (2019)

The Chester Music Festival is an opportunity for people to enjoy fabulous music in an informal setting. This event has been produced and organised by Storyhouse, as well as feature the musical group Ensemble Deva since 2013. This year, expect … Read More

Chester this Spring for Kids

Spring has arrived and your kids can finally enjoy warmer weather after staying cooped up inside for so long. There are lots of things to do out and about here in Chester. Time to get going! Activities for Toddlers The … Read More

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