Dewa Roman Experience in Chester

The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester is a historical experience like no other. This attraction sits on the site of a fortress going back to the Roman era. Archaeologists have found well-preserved artefacts that are now on permanent display, and … Read More

Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Chester

Coffee, tea, or me? But, of course, the answer is tea. Because with a tea in one hand, you will surely be following me. After all, Afternoon Tea is the honoured, quintessential, and classic British tradition, which takes people back … Read More

Chester Racecourses New Information Personnel

In July an exciting new initiative commences by Chester Racecourse! The sponsors hope to increase public awareness about the historic Chester Racecourse and its current rules and regulations. A number of information personnel will station themselves along routes leading to … Read More

Visiting The Rows in Chester

You’ll Step Back in Time When Shopping The Rows at Chester For power shoppers who want a nostalgic stroll down memory lane rather than a rocket ride through a collection of modern shops, The Rows in Chester have no equal. … Read More

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