Chester Crowned World’s Most Beautiful City by Golden Ratio Study

In a remarkable revelation from the latest ‘Eye-Catching Architecture’ study by Online Mortgage Advisor, Chester has been named the most beautiful city in the world. Based on the golden ratio – a mathematical concept admired since ancient times – this accolade places Chester ahead of globally renowned cities like Venice, London, and Rome. Let’s delve into what this means for our beloved city of Chester.

Chester Crowned World's Most Beautiful City by Golden Ratio Study - Chester Taxi Services

The Golden Ratio in Chester

The golden ratio, denoted as 1:1.618, is a proportion known for its aesthetic appeal. Historically, it has been observed in nature, art, and now, significantly, in urban architecture. In Chester, an astounding 83.7% of buildings align with this ratio, surpassing Venice’s 83.3% and London’s 82%. This study utilised Google Street View to analyse over 2,400 buildings, marking a new approach to assessing architectural beauty.

Chester’s Architectural Legacy

Chester’s rich historical tapestry, featuring landmarks like the 1,000-year-old cathedral and Britain’s most prominent Roman amphitheatre, undoubtedly contributed to this recognition. The city, known for its unique Chester Rows and medieval structures, resonates with a heritage that fascinates tourists and locals alike. Colin Potts, Programme Leader for International Tourism Management at the University’s Business School, notes the city’s built environment has long been a magnet for millions of visitors.

Dr Rebecca Andrew, Senior Lecturer in History, references HV Morton’s travelogue ‘In Search of England’, highlighting Chester’s uniqueness. The city’s architectural beauty is in its adherence to the golden ratio and its storied buildings like Browns of Chester. Neuza Morais, a Visiting Lecturer in Interior Design, adds that Chester’s allure extends beyond its buildings to its vibrant, creative, and safe community.

More Than Just Beautiful Buildings

While the golden ratio highlights Chester’s architectural beauty, the city’s essence transcends its structures. It embodies a living history, a thriving culture, and a strong community spirit. The city’s walkability and the closeness of remarkable buildings further enhance its appeal, making it not just a tourist destination but a place to live, work, and invest.

Chester’s recognition as the world’s most beautiful city according to the golden ratio is a testament to its rich architectural heritage and cultural significance. However, the true beauty of Chester lies in its ability to blend this historical charm with a dynamic, welcoming community. As we celebrate this recognition, let us continue to nurture the broader aspects that make Chester unique.


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