Chester Eat Out to Help Out

Eat Out to Help Out is an initiative by the government to partner with restaurants for their customers to get a discount from 3 to 31 August, get a 50% discount when you eat in at restaurants that are registered with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme.

In Chester, there have been more than 80 restaurants sign up to Eat Out to Help Out.

Eat Out to Help Out in Chester

**New restaurants are registering every day, check your postcode for more restaurants.

We have created a map that you can download and view of current locations in Chester.

1. The Pied Bull Chester

The Pied Bull is Chester’s oldest coaching house. The building dates back to the 11th Century when it was the official residence of the Recorder of Chester, holding a continuous licence since 1533 and originally named ‘Bull’s Mansion’.

The Pied Bull serves popular traditional British fayre and speciality dishes. Everything is freshly prepared, you wont find frozen meals on the menu.

Location: 53 Northgate Street

2. Picnic Chester

This is a Mediterranean style restaurant with an independent bar around the central area of Chester. The menu has a variety of options and it is mainly known for its unique branch menu that comes with a wide variety of options. The restaurant also offers takeaway services currently due to the Covid-19.

Location: 102 Northgate Street

3. Chip’D

This restaurant specialises in various types of Dutch chips. We mainly use potatoes from the Netherlands. The restaurant offers many vegan options for their clients. They are currently operating on a takeaway and delivery system. The restaurant also owns a food truck that operates around the central part of Chester.

Location: 124 Northgate Street

4. Wok and Go

The restaurant is built around the love of aromas and love for Asian dining experiences from New York City. They first opened in Chester around 2008. The restaurant is known for its variety of noodle flavors. The restaurant is open for dine-in clients from Monday through Wednesday in August.

Location: 82 Northgate Street

5. Dough Dough

This is an Italian restaurant that is known for its quality Pizza in Northwest England. This is mainly around Chester and Liverpool. The dough used to make the pizza is raised for 24 hours before it is cooked using traditional ovens. The restaurant also gives opinions about various types of dough from guest pizzas.

Dough is now fully open for dine in customers as well with an extended outside seating area so customers can also benefit from the eat out to help out inside or outside

Location: 66-68 Northgate Street

6. Marmalade Cafe

Marmalade Cafe is found in Northgate Street around the Independent scene of Chester. The restaurant is mainly known for their delicious breakfast and lunch meals. They also offer homemade cakes and a variety of coffee drinks. The restaurant is spacious and offers a comfortable dining experience to enjoy a glass of wine and a meal. They also offer takeaway services.

Location: 67 Northgate Street

7. Stile Napoletano

The restaurant is found at the food court of Chester market Hall. The restaurant was created by the award-winning Pizza chef Giacomo Guido. Pizza’s made in this restaurant are made using natural ingredients from Italy and a few local producers. The restaurant received the TripAdvisor travellers’ choice award and is one of the best pizza spots in Chester. The restaurant is offering delivery and takeaway services due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Location: 49 Watergate Street

8. Veeno Chester

This is an Italian wine bar that also offers Italian food. The restaurant was founded by two friends who enjoyed Italian Aperitivo and the habit of drinking while relaxing after work. The wines in the bar are from Caruso and Minini where the two friends’ families own vineyards that their great grandfathers planted vines in the earlier centuries. The Italian restaurant looks to offer authenticity and quality throughout its operation.

Location: 52 Northgate Street

9. Chester Cathedral Refectory

This restaurant was set in the 13th century where the monks used to eat and dine. The cathedral has a refectory cafe that is a perfect spot for coffee. The cafe makes delicious pastries every day in order to offer clients fresh food. The cafe also has a very white lunch menu to choose from. The restaurant is unique in that it has a 17th-century tapestry that represents the Earls of Chester on the west wing. The cafe and cathedral are one of Chester’s main tourist attractions.

Location: St Werburgh Street

10. Bollicini

The restaurant offers one of the best Italian fine-dining experiences. The restaurant is modern and house shares representing different nationalities with the Italian cuisine at the centre of the cookery.

Francesco, the Italian chef hosts various banqueting evenings in the restaurant if he is not travelling the world to promote the best Italian food and cultures. The restaurant is one of the most popular spots that offer Italian cuisine in Northwest England.

Location: Rufus Court, 2 Abbey Green

11. Cinderbox

This is a sandwich and coffee restaurant in the heart of Chester. The restaurant is known for its wide variety of sandwiches, from vegan options to normal options. The restaurant has also come up with a delivery option for its clients. The restaurant has complied with the COVID-19 rules and regulations that it only has a limited number of clients at the restaurant at a particular time. This is one of the best rated restaurants according to trip-advisor.

Location: 55 Bridge Street

12. Ephesus Grill Chester

This restaurant was open in 2014 and specialises in excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes are made using a charcoal grill. The restaurant also uses various cooking styles to come up with a variety of aromas and options for their clients. The grill also strives to remain effective and traditional by using locally produced spices and fine ingredients.

Location: 47-49 Frodsham Street

13. Chalk Coffee

Location: 24 Watergate Street

14. Palm Cocktail Bar and Eatery

The restaurant is located on the Watergate 31st street in the heart of Chester and works on a booking basis. The restaurant represents a premium food and drinks location in Chester. It serves food and light drinks during the day and drinks by night. It has a variety of menus and hosts a bottomless brunch on Sundays. The restaurant has options for different types of people. You can enjoy live DJ sets and a cocktail menu of up to 60 different drinks.

Location: 31 Watergate Street

15. The Flower Cup

The restaurant is an independent botanical coffee shop that is found around the historic Watergate Street in Chester. It serves brunch every day of the week with a speciality in handcrafted coffee and various types of tea that are enjoyed with the surrounding plants. The coffee shop also has live music on specific days of the week. The coffee shop has a botanical shop Next door that sells plants that cleanse would like from the coffee shop.

Location: 61 Watergate Street

16. Slow Boat Restaurant

The restaurant is known for its extensive variety of Asian food from Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The restaurant has an authentic culture of not only food but also historic teachings. The menu has a wide variety of food that can cater for people with different budgets. The restaurant has a rich Asian culture that people come to view and learn about through coordinated tours. Currently, the restaurant is offering delivery services to its clients due to the COVID-19 rules and regulations from the government.

Location: 57 Frodsham Street

17. Bean and Cole

This is one of the best coffee shops in Chester. The shop offers a variety of coffee and tea flavors to its patrons. The menu has an extensive variety of pastries and accompaniments. The coffee shop is highly rated by trip-advisor. The restaurant stocks various options of coffee beans for people who brew their coffee. This restaurant is good for kids and has an extensive menu for meals that the kids enjoy. With COVID-19, the restaurant has come up with a seamless delivery option. There is also a need for many clients to take away their meals as seating space is very limited due to COVID-19.

Location: 41 Frodsham Street

18. Olive Tree Brasserie

The restaurant offers various cuisines and specialises in Greek cuisine. This restaurant prides itself on sourcing ingredients locally and importing authentic Greek ingredients to improve the quality and aroma of the meals. The restaurant also works on creating vegan-friendly foods and all their meals are gluten-free.

Location: 39-41 Watergate Street

19. Da Noi Chester

The restaurant was created in 2018 by two people, Valentina Aviotti and Fabrizio Gobbato. The idea was to bring an authentic Italian experience while pairing their names with wine. The restaurant sources its ingredients in the heart of Napoli, Italy. The reason is to remain authentic, traditional, and original when creating their meals. The restaurant also offers a variety of authentic Italian wine from the owner’s vineyards in Naples. The restaurant is open every day apart from Monday.

With coronavirus, the seating space is limited to several people in the restaurant. The restaurant has adjusted to offering delivery and takeaway services.

Location: 63 Bridge Street

20. Picanha by Fazenda

The restaurant offers authentic Brazilian cuisine specialising in steak. The steak and meat are made using the famous gaucho style from the heart of Brazil. The restaurant sources its ingredients in Brazil and locally from farmers directly. This restaurant is temporarily closed to the public and offers delivery to its clients.

Location: 27 Newgate Street

21. Panini Press Chester

The restaurant is along with the Chester museum just off the Bridge Street junction. The menu changes regularly to improve the quality of the food sold. The restaurant is known for its classic Panini’s as well as meals that are created with a twist to add flavor and delight.

This is a restaurant that is mainly known for its Panini and variety of sandwiches. The Panini’s are made using Ciabatta from Italy and filled with organic and authentic ingredients sourced locally and from Italy. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday with Friday and Saturday operating up to late hours. On Sundays, the restaurant is closed.

The restaurant has complied with the COVID-19 rules set up by the government to try to flatten the curve.

Location: 7A Grosvenor Street

22. Istanbul BBQ

This is a restaurant in the heart of Chester that offers authentic Turkish cuisines that are made directly from a charcoal barbecue. The bread is baked from a charcoal oven. The chefs in this restaurant are mainly Turkish. The ingredients are sourced locally as well as from Turkey to provide an authentic Turkish cuisine. The restaurant has a wide variety of meals on their menu that are mainly accompanied by drinks and wine. Most of the meals here are reasonably priced for the customer to be able to enjoy what they would like without spending a lot.

Location: 85 Brook Street

23. Sleepy Panda Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is situated at the St George’s Crescent Fardon Street in Wrexham, Chester. The restaurant boasts a variety of cuisines from Peking, Cantonese and Szechuan dishes. The menu has many dishes to choose from and comes with a list of wines that has been selected carefully to go together with the food. The location can host many people at once and has great service to handle crowds. You can also host private functions from celebrations to office parties at the Sleepy Panda Restaurant.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant has reduced the seating space to comply with the government regulations and also assist in flattening the curve.

Location: 126 Foregate Street

24. Hickory’s Smokehouse

This restaurant is known for its authentic and signature BBQ recipes. The restaurant started because of a trip that the owners took to the places that are most renowned for barbecued meals. They took 18 trips to 7 different cities in the southern states to be able to understand the authentic way to make barbecue with passion and knowledge.

The people from the southern states were willing to teach and help the owners learn how to make great barbecue. Since then, the restaurant makes their food passionately because they learned from the best and understood the value of making great barbecue. Since then, the restaurant has come up with signature sauces and recipes from the knowledge that they learned in the southern states and every taste of their meals is new and surprising to the guests.

This restaurant has deep connections to the people of Chester and has become a household name for people who love barbecue.

Location: Souter’s Lane

25. Village Cafe Upton

This is one of the restaurants in Chester that has a very wide menu of different flavors and cuisines that are served to the customers. The restaurant is currently doing deliveries on a higher scale than sit-in options. Mostly, this restaurant serves the authentic English cuisine that people have known them for and enjoyed over a long time. The restaurant operates from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. The menu of the restaurants has meals from breakfast to dinner that come with a chef special for specific days.

Location: 76 Weston Grove, Upton

26. Sticky Walnut Limited

The restaurant prides itself in making simple meals with the most authentic ingredients. The restaurant has four different menus from the kid’s menu, Sunday menu, Bistro menu, and The menu. This restaurant can cater for anyone. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday. The restaurant has been forced to come up with ways to serve its clients through delivery and takeaway meals because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, there is a limited sitting space for clients to sit and enjoy their meals.

Location: 11 Charles Street

Chester Eat Out to Help Out Map


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