Chester is Getting Ready to Welcome Inflatabubble

Inflatabubble is a brand new theme park coming to Chester in March. The idea originated with Jamie and Steph Hall. The local couple has two small children, Gracie and Isaac. The couple on a budget, and are always struggling to find inexpensive entertainment for their family. Jamie and Steph have noted the lack of family leisure entertainment in Chester. The solution is a 450m, inflatable, squared visitor attraction called Inflatababubble.

The attraction will be based on Old Wrexham Road in Chester at Catholic High School. Sixth former students will be hired to help with the park, with the inflatable paradise open every Saturday and Sunday and during school and bank holidays. Visitors to the attraction will receive free parking. The Catholic High School is a hub for leisure and sporting activities. This makes Inflatabubble an ideal attraction for the school and the community.

The Catholic High School is delighted to launch its first business ethically while supporting the local community. The school has been incredibly supportive of the upcoming attraction, and hopes Inflatabubble will make a big difference for the school. The entry fee is about £6.95 for each person. Visitors can enjoy drinks and tasty food including paninis, quality coffee, hot dogs and cakes. There will even be vegetarian and vegan options. Admission can be booked on the website. Only payment cards will be accepted for admission.

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Benefits of Inflatabubble

Low Impact: Inflatabubble is a glorious alternative to jogging at 6:00 a.m. in unpredictable British weather. You will not be damaging your joints by running on a hard surface or have to worry about getting soaking wet. Due to the softness of the inflatable, any harmful impact is absorbed beautifully. Instead of jogging, bounce Chester bounce.

Coordination and Balance: All you have to do to improve the coordination and balance for your entire body is bouncing up and down. You can even challenge the Inflatabubble team to a contest bouncing on just one foot.

Cardiovascular Fitness: A study conducted by NASA showed rebounding offers the same cardiovascular benefits as going for a run. The difference is you receive the benefits in one-third less time. The only bad news is, wait, there is no bad news.

Bone Density: You have most likely heard a lot of puns about hip bones. After all, they are completely humerus. What you may not know is you can decrease the risk of specific conditions including osteoporosis just by bouncing.

Strengthening Your Cells: Inflatabubble is an excellent way to exercise all of the cells in your entire body. Bouncing will help you strengthen your cell membrane to ensure all of your cells remain in good shape. The best part is you can have fun while improving your health.

Improving Your Lymphatic System: Your lymphatic system is what helps protect your body from both disease and infection. It is an important part of your immune system. According to research, you can increase your lymphatic flow a maximum of 15 times simply by bouncing.

FAQs about Inflatabubble

Is Booking in Advance Necessary?

You do not have to book in advance, but you can book online to ensure your place is guaranteed. To make certain everyone has fun, there is a limit to how many bouncers are allowed each hour.

Are Lockers Available?

Yes, there are combination lockers you can use for free.

How Soon Before my Jump Should I Arrive?

You need to be at Inflatabubble 20 minutes before your scheduled time. You need enough time to check-in, participate in the safety briefing and complete your RAD form.

What is the Cost?

Your cost will be approximately £6.95. Inflatabubble will be cashless so if you pay at the park, you will need to use either a credit or debit card.

What Do I Wear?

Your best option is sports gear, but your clothes need to be comfortable. No clothing studs, sharp objects including belt buckles or jewellery will be allowed on the Inflatabubble. You will be required to wear socks at all times.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Jump?

Every age is welcome to participate. A parent or guardian is required on-site for anyone 13 years of age or under at all times. If you are not at least 18 years old, your RAD form must be filled out by your parent or guardian. Children less than five years old must have an adult with them in the arena at all times. Children below the age of five also need to wear a hi-vi. The staff wants to take special care of your little ones.

Is Inflatabubble Safe?

The staff wants everyone to remain safe while having fun. You need you to listen to staff instructions and adhere to the rules of play. Staff with training in first aid will be available on-site to keep everyone safe at all times.

Can I come Just to Watch?

You can watch for free. The staff have kids too. They understand parents need time to simply relax. While your children are burning off a little bit of energy, you can take a look at the cafe menu including delicious coffee.

Are Group Bookings Accepted?

Yes, you can schedule a group booking by calling for assistance or visiting A minimum of one parent or guardian is required on-site for every five children.

Can My Booking be Cancelled?

Yes, but you will need to provide 24 hours advance notice so your space can be sold. Simply call 01244 940 443 for cancellations or bookings.

Do I Have to Sign a RAD Form?

Yes, due to insurance purposes. Everyone participating will have to read and sign the RAD (risk acknowledgement form). Your parent or guardian will need to take care of your RAD form if you are not yet 18 years of age.

Is There a Maximum Limit for Weight?

Yes, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, the maximum weight limit is 120kg.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

No, but all kids under the age of five have to wear a cool hi-vi vest to enable the staff to take special care.



Getting to Inflatabubble

Need to get a load of kids to Inflatabubble, Chester Taxi Services offer minibus taxis with wheelchair access too.

Have Fun !


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