Chester Park & Ride Information

There are four dedicated park and rides in Chester. These park and rides are designed to ease congestion in Chester during peak times for visitors to Chester from weekends, the races, shopping trips to family weekends.

With park and ride, you leave your vehicle in a secure car park on the outskirts of Chester and travel in on dedicated buses with your one time ticket being valid for the whole day.

Chester Park and Ride Information - Chester Taxi Services

Chester Park & Ride Locations

We have created a downloadable park and ride map for your convenience at bottom of page.

1. Boughton Heath Park and Ride

Boughton Heath park and ride facility is just off the A41 Whitchurch Road. It is open every day from 07:00 to 19:00 except on Saturdays where the services start at 08:00 and ends at 19:00. On Sundays, the facility opens at 09:30 until 18:00.

Boughton Heath park and ride is easy to access when you are in Chester. The nearest National Rail Station is in the city itself. There is also a bus stop that you can find in about 150 metres from the venue.

Parking in this area is free for everyone, specifically for car park users. However, those who operate park and ride buses will have to pay a fee. Tickets for those who return from their trip cost £2.00 for an adult. Up to two children can use the service for free but they should be accompanied by an adult.

The car park facility is in an open-air area. For Blue Badge holders, they will be allowed to park on the site without needing to book in advance. However, there are only 11 Blue Badge parking bays at Boughton Heath. Each parking bay is approximately 300 cm x 500 cm. The nearest bay is just two metres from the bus stop and the pay station. Meanwhile, the farthest is about 37 metres from these two mentioned areas.

Some car park and ride facilities have a height restriction. Boughton Heath is one of them where the maximum height of the vehicles allowed is only 210 cm. The route when you exit the site is wheelchair accessible.

To use the park and ride scheme here, you can get a ticket from any of the machines near the bus stop. These stops are located at every car park. You will need to enter your registration number and scan the ticket when you board the bus.

2. Sealand Road Park & Ride

Sealand Road park and ride facilities are easy to spot. You can find them on the A548 just across from the car dealerships. There is a bus stop at about 150 metres from the venue. The car park is open from Mondays through Fridays from 07:00 to 19:00. On Saturdays, they open from 08:00 to 19:00 and Sundays they open at 09:30 and close at 18:00.

The venue has its own car park, which is free to all users. Only park and ride buses will be charged. Blue Badge holders do not need to book in advance and there are at least 10 parking bays for them in the car park.

Each parking bay for Blue Badge holders measures about 400 cm x 500 cm. From the entrance, you can find the nearest Blue Badge bay in about five metres. The farthest is 35 metres from the entrance. The car park allows most vehicle types as it does not have a height restriction.

Sealand Road does not have a drop-off point. To use the park and ride service, just take a ticket from one of the available machines near the bus stop. Follow the instructions and provide certain details about yourself. Before boarding the bus, you will have to scan your ticket first.

3. Upton Park & Ride

The car park is located before Chester Zoo, just by the left of the entrance road. It is about two miles from the city centre, which is off the A41 main road or Moston Road. Getting to the car park and ride is easy because you can access it from the end of the M53 Motorway. You can see signs that lead you to it, starting from the Hoole Roundabout, as well as from the A41. The nearest postcode is CH2 4BB.

Upton has a total of 460 parking spots that are accessible all day from Mondays through Sundays. Parking for six hours costs £3.00. The maximum charge is £5.00. The car park, however, is locked overnight.

Through the English National Scheme, the car park is with charge before 9:30. After this time, access and services are free for bus pass holders. On Saturdays and Sundays, all parking services are free all day. The same applies to public holidays. Meanwhile, those bus pass holders from the Wales and Scotland schemes will have to pay the full fare regardless of the day of the week and time.

There is a height restriction for vehicles. For those with motorhomes, overnight stays are only allowed at Little Roodee Car Park, which is nearby. Upton park and ride facilities do have other features that make it more convenient for users, such as CCTVs and disabled spots.

4. Wrexham Road Park & Ride

Wrexham park and ride is off the A483, which is just cross the Chester Business Park. The nearest postcode for the facilities is CH4 9QD. This car park is the largest in the city with 760 spots. It is open from Monday to Sunday, all day. Six-Hour parking will cost £3.00 while the maximum stay is £5.00.

There are wheelchair accessible spots in the area. Security is a priority, which is why safety regulations are imposed. CCTVs are installed all over the site. No vehicle that is more than 2.10 metres can park.

Car parking starts from 07:00 to 19:00 from Mondays through Fridays. On Saturdays, Wrexham Road park and ride is open from 08:00 to 19:00. On Sundays, the facilities are only accessible from 09:30 to 18:00.

Park users do not have to pay a fee but there is a charge if you ride the buses. The park is open-air with parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. The same rules apply as with the other car park and ride locations above. Each bay measures 300 cm x 400 cm. The closes bay is 15 metres from the station where you pay your tickets. The farthest is about 37 metres away.

All tickets are valid all day, whether you use Wrexham Road, Upton, Sealand Road, or Boughton Heath. You can use the bus as many times as you like, whether you hop on or off. This way, you can spend as much time in the city as you want.

Chester Park & Ride Buses

The buses operate at the following times:

  • Every 12 minutes starting from 07:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Every 12 minutes from 08:00 until closing on Saturdays
  • During bank holidays and Sundays, the buses arrive every 15 minutes beginning from 09:30

The timetable above also applies to other car parks. Passengers should be aware that there are no services during Christmas and New Year’s, as well as Boxing Day.

All the park and ride buses operating for the city offer amenities, including free WiFi and USB charging. The seats are premium quality, so even working for busy professionals can be comfortable and hassle-free.

Wheelchair users are welcome to use the services. All the car parks provide wheelchair accessible areas right from the entrance. Those with questions regarding mobility scooter access will need to contact Stagecoach, the bus provider for the park and ride facilities. You should also contact Stagecoach if you lose something on the bus.

Pet owners are welcome as well. However, there are many restrictions. One, it is required that the dog is trained or well-behaved. The same goes for cats and other small animals. Bringing your pet with you means that you understand the rules and you are responsible throughout the whole time. The dog or cat should not be a danger to the other passengers and the staff of the bus. Most of the time, the driver will assess the situation and make the final decision.

Finally, all passengers should know that the bus stop located in Pepper Street has been closed since the 11th of March. It will remain inaccessible until November. For those who use the park and ride services from Wrexham Road will need to go to Grosvenor Street, which is the stop while Pepper Street is closed. Those who will take Buses 13 and 61 should be aware that they will stop at Lower Bridge Street. Outbound services remain unchanged.

Getting Around Chester

With buses running every 12 minutes and your ticket being valid for the entire day getting around Chester is relatively easy. However if you need to get back to your car or another part of the city that is not serviced by the park & ride bus then another other options are taxis in Chester which can be called direct on: 01244 421 024 or find one at several taxi ranks in Chester City Centre.

If you do insist on driving into Chester itself, we have also provided a handy guide to finding parking in Chester.

Which ever method you choose, we are confident you will enjoy your visit to Chester.


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