Chester Racecourses New Information Personnel

In July an exciting new initiative commences by Chester Racecourse! The sponsors hope to increase public awareness about the historic Chester Racecourse and its current rules and regulations. A number of information personnel will station themselves along routes leading to the main entrance to the site. They’ll distribute leaflets to people interested in learning more about the Chester Racecourse.

New Information Personnel for Chester Race Days - Chester Taxi Services

A Popular Local Event

For centuries, visitors have attended horse races at the Chester Racecourse. An average of 20,000 people flock to this location on a typical racing day, in fact. The track began conducting horse races in 1539, during the reign of King Henry VIII. It reportedly holds the distinction of serving as the longest continuously operating racecourse in the British Isle. The prestigious Chester Cup Race commenced at the track in 1824.

The New Chester Racecourse Information Initiative

The new Chester Racecourse Information Personnel offer valuable assistance to anyone interested in learning more about the historic Chester Racecourse. As a popular local attraction, the site draws crowds of visitors. The new initiative strives to furnish useful tips about several important topics. These subject include:

  • Directions to the main entrance;
  • Dress code information;
  • Ticket availability and ticket purchasing information.

The Information Personnel will also endeavour to answer questions posed to them about the site. With its long and acclaimed history as a popular venue for horse races, the Chester Racecourse inspires many tourists to spend time visiting the City of Chester today.

A Valuable Public Service

The sponsors of the Chester Racecourse New Information Personnel initiative also hope this campaign will help ensure visitors obtain accurate information about racing schedules and dates, and ticket availability. Recently, some visitors reported problems caused by unscrupulous scammers committing fraud. For example, already during 2019, the authorities have discovered counterfeit tickets. People who purchase counterfeit tickets to attend any event (including horse races) cannot gain admission. They lose the money they spent buying bogus tickets. Plus, if legitimate tickets to the event have already sold out by the time they discover they bought counterfeit tickets, they may suffer the additional heartbreak of losing the opportunity to attend races they really wanted to see.

Both the sponsors of the Chester Racecourse New Information Personnel initiative and Chester Taxi Services hope to inform the public about the only legitimate source of tickets for Chester Racecourse events: the Chester Racecourse itself. Anyone hoping to attend races at the racecourse should check directly with the Chester Racecourse about ticket availability and post times. Due to the high demand for seats on race days, it usually makes sense to reserve tickets as far in advance as possible.

Schedule Transportation Conveniently Ahead of Racing Days

The majority of visitors who attend events at Chester Racecourse rely upon public transportation services. Locating available parking outside the venue often proves challenging. Many patrons decide to travel to the site on foot; however, this option does not prove convenient (or even feasible) for everyone.

If you’re planning to attend the races this year, the easiest way to get to Chester Racecourse is by Taxi. At Chester Taxis we provide transportation services to the racecourse from all around Chester. Our fleet includes latest model cars and mini-bus taxis to accommodate larger groups.

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Our Chester Black Cabs feature ramps that make it easy to access luggage and load and unload a pram or wheelchair. Chester is famous for its vibrant nightlife, bars, and pubs. After a day at the races, we can transport you to your favourite nightspot and deliver you safely home at the end of the evening.

How To Book Chester Taxi Service

The easiest way to book a taxi service is to call, send us a message, book online or use our app. You can also find us operating from all Chester taxi ranks throughout the day and evening.

Our team is dedicated to providing each of our clients with courteous, professional service. Our drivers are licensed and ensure you of a safe and comfortable ride to Chester Racecourse or anywhere in the city.

Happy Race Day!


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