Chester Real Ale, Craft Ale & Beer Festivals (2023)

Chester, a historic city in the heart of Cheshire, boasts a vibrant beer culture that dates back centuries. The city is renowned for its real ales, craft ales, and beers, each with distinct flavours and brewing processes, offering a unique taste of Chester’s heritage and contemporary creativity. From traditional pubs serving cask ales to modern breweries crafting innovative beers, Chester offers beer enthusiasts diverse experiences.

Local beer festivals play a crucial role in Chester’s beer culture. They serve as a platform for breweries to showcase their offerings, introduce new flavours, and engage directly with the community. For locals and visitors alike, these festivals provide an opportunity to sample various beers, learn about the brewing process, and celebrate the city’s rich beer heritage. Moreover, they boost local tourism and contribute to the city’s economy, making them a vital aspect of Chester’s cultural calendar.

This cabbies guide will take you through a comprehensive journey into Chester’s beer festivals slated for 2023. It will delve into the nuances of Real Ale, Craft Ale, and Beer, giving you a glimpse into their unique characteristics. You’ll find handy tips for first-time attendees, recommendations for must-try beers, and spotlight features on local breweries. The guide will highlight key beer festivals in Chester, including the Chester Beer Festival, Chester Craft Beer Festival, Cheshire Beer Festival, and Spitting Feathers’ Beer Festival.

Chester Real Ale, Craft Ale & Beer Festivals (2023) - Chester Taxi Services


Understanding Real Ale, Craft Ale & Beer

Understanding the nuances of Real Ale, Craft Ale, and Beer can significantly enhance your beer festival experience. As defined by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), it is a natural product brewed using traditional ingredients and left to mature in the cask from which it’s served. This process leaves the yeast present, contributing to a depth of flavour and unique character not found in more commercially produced beers.

Craft Ale often refers to beers brewed by small, independent breweries. They emphasise quality, flavour, and brewing techniques over mass production. While Craft Ale can include real ales, it also comprises a more comprehensive range of beer styles, including those produced using modern techniques and innovative ingredients.

Beer is a more general term, encompassing a wide range of alcoholic beverages brewed from malted grains, most commonly barley, and flavoured with hops. This category includes everything from light lagers to dark stouts, including Real and Craft Ales.

Evolution of beer culture in Chester

Chester’s beer culture has a rich history dating back to Roman times when the city was a hub for brewing. Over the centuries, the brewing tradition continued, with numerous local breweries establishing themselves in the city. The 20th century saw a rise in the popularity of Real Ales, with many Chester pubs serving these traditional beers.

Chester’s beer culture has been resurgent recently, with a new wave of craft breweries contributing to an increasingly diverse beer landscape. This evolution embraces tradition and innovation, with local brewers producing everything from classic real ales to experimental craft beers.

Beer culture and tourism

Real Ale, Craft Ale, and Beer are significant in Chester’s local culture, playing a central role in social gatherings and local celebrations. The city’s breweries, pubs, and beer festivals foster a sense of community, bringing together people of all backgrounds to enjoy these beloved beverages.

Moreover, Chester’s vibrant beer scene is a significant draw for tourists, attracting beer enthusiasts from around the country and beyond. These visitors contribute to the local economy and help spread the word about Chester’s outstanding beer offerings, enhancing the city’s reputation as a top destination for beer lovers.


Real Ale, Craft Ale & Beer Festivals in Chester

Chester (CAMRA) Beer Festival

The Chester Beer Festival, run by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), has been a staple in the city’s event calendar for over 30 years. Celebrating real ales and traditional brewing methods, the festival has consistently attracted beer enthusiasts with its diverse selection of local and national ales, ciders, and perries.

The 2023 edition promises to continue this tradition, featuring an impressive range of ales and ciders, live music, and mouth-watering food. Attendees can look forward to discovering new breweries, tasting award-winning ales, and participating in engaging beer-themed events.

Dates: Fri 30th June (4pm – 11pm) | Sat 1st July (12to 11pm)

Where: Queen Hotel Chester


Chester Craft Beer Festival

The Chester Craft Beer Festival is a newer addition to the city’s beer scene, celebrating the innovation and creativity of craft brewing. The festival showcases local and international craft beers, offering a platform for smaller breweries to reach a wider audience.

In 2023, the Chester Craft Beer Festival is set to offer an eclectic selection of craft beers, emphasising unique flavours and innovative brewing techniques. In addition to beer tasting, attendees can expect live entertainment, food stalls featuring local cuisine, and the opportunity to interact with craft brewers.

Date: Sat 20th May (11:30 – 9:30pm)

Where: Carriage Shed


Cheshire Beer Festival

The Cheshire Beer Festival is a highly anticipated event celebrating Cheshire’s best brewing scene. With a focus on local breweries, the festival is an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore Cheshire’s rich diversity of beers.

The 2023 Cheshire Beer Festival will continue spotlighting local breweries, featuring a vast range of real ales, craft beers, and ciders. The festival will also host workshops and meet-the-brewer sessions, allowing attendees to deepen their knowledge of beer brewing and appreciation.

Date: Not Confirmed

Where: Chester Racecourse

Spitting Feathers’ Beer Festival

Organised by Spitting Feathers, a local brewery with a passion for traditional brewing methods, the Spitting Feathers’ Beer Festival is a must-visit event for real ale lovers. The festival showcases Spitting Feathers’ beers and guest ales from other top-quality breweries.

The 2023 edition will continue to offer a selection of high-quality real ales, with the addition of new brews developed over the past year. Alongside the beer, the festival will feature live music and locally-sourced food, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all attendees.

Date: Sat 15th July

Where: Spitting Feathers (Common Farm)


Experiencing Chester’s Beer Festivals

Attending a beer festival for the first time can be a thrilling experience. Here are a few tips to make the most of it:

Plan ahead: Research the festival schedule, list of breweries, and beer offerings in advance. This will help you prioritise your must-try beers and events.

Stay hydrated: With so many beers to sample, staying hydrated is essential. Water stations are typically available, so make use of them regularly.

Pace yourself: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time to savour each beer and take breaks between tastings.

Eat well: Most festivals offer a variety of food options. Eating will not only help you absorb the alcohol but also enhance your beer-tasting experience.

Use public transportation or book a taxi: Remember, safety comes first. Make sure to arrange for a reliable ride home.

Recommendations for beer varieties to try

With many beers at these festivals, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few recommendations:

For Real Ale lovers, look out for traditional cask ales from local Chester breweries. These ales are renowned for their depth of flavour and character.

If Craft Ale is more your style, try some of the innovative brews from Chester’s new-wave craft breweries. These beers often feature unique ingredients and unconventional brewing techniques.

Lastly, make sure to take advantage of Chester’s local beers. These beers offer a taste of Chester’s unique beer culture and heritage.

Additional attractions and entertainment at the festivals

Beer is undoubtedly the star of the show, but Chester’s beer festivals offer much more:

Live Music: From local bands to solo artists, there’s usually a diverse range of live music to enjoy while savouring your beers.

Food Stalls: Local food vendors offer a variety of culinary delights that pair wonderfully with the beers on offer.

Workshops and Talks: Look out for workshops and talks by beer experts and brewers. These can offer fascinating insights into the world of beer.

Meet-the-Brewer Sessions: These sessions provide a unique opportunity to meet the people behind your favourite beers and learn about their passion and craft.


Supporting Local Chester Breweries

Supporting local breweries is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps sustain the local economy by creating jobs and contributing to the city’s revenue. Second, local breweries often use locally-sourced ingredients, supporting other local businesses and reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Finally, local breweries are at the heart of Chester’s vibrant beer culture, brewing unique beers that reflect the city’s character and heritage.

Spotlight on local breweries participating in the festivals

Several local breweries will participate in Chester’s 2023 beer festivals, each offering something unique. Here are a few to look out for:

Spitting Feathers: Known for their traditional brewing methods and focus on quality ingredients, Spitting Feathers is a must-visit for real ale enthusiasts. Their range includes everything from classic bitters to innovative seasonal ales.

Deva Craft Beer: As one of Chester’s new-wave craft breweries, Deva Craft Beer combines tradition with innovation. They offer diverse beers, including hop-forward ales, traditional stouts, and experimental brews.

Pied Bull Brewery: Located within Chester’s oldest coaching inn, the Pied Bull Brewery blends history with modern brewing techniques. Their award-winning beers are a testament to their commitment to quality and flavour.

Chester Ales: Chester Ales is known for their hand-crafted, unfiltered, unpasteurised beers. Their offerings celebrate Chester’s beer heritage with a contemporary twist.

Visiting these breweries’ stands at the festivals offers the chance to sample their excellent beers and learn more about their brewing processes, philosophies, and the people behind the brews.


Planning Your Visit

Ensuring reliable transportation is vital to planning your visit to Chester’s beer festivals. Booking transport in advance provides peace of mind and guarantees a safe and responsible way to enjoy the festivals without worrying about driving.

Book a taxi

Chester Taxi Services provides a convenient and reliable taxi service, perfect for your festival transportation needs. You can book a taxi in advance through their website or by phone. Provide your pick-up location, destination, and desired pick-up time, and they’ll handle the rest. Remember, after a day of beer tasting, having a designated driver is not just a good idea; it’s a responsibility.

Accommodation, itinerary, etc

In addition to transportation, consider other aspects of your trip. If you’re not local, research accommodation options in advance. Chester offers a range of hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs to suit different budgets and preferences.

It’s also worth planning your festival itinerary ahead of time. With so many beers to try and events to attend, having a plan can help you make the most of your festival experience. Consider which breweries you want to visit and which events you’d like to attend, and factor in breaks to relax and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Finally, while the beer festivals are likely to be the highlight of your trip, remember to explore what else Chester has to offer. From its historic city walls and iconic Eastgate Clock to its charming Tudor-style buildings and fantastic shopping scene, Chester has plenty to see and do.



Chester’s 2023 beer festivals offer a fantastic opportunity to dive into the city’s vibrant beer culture, showcasing the best real ale, craft ale, and beer. With various festivals to choose from, including the Chester Beer Festival, Chester Craft Beer Festival, Cheshire Beer Festival, and Spitting Feathers’ Beer Festival, there’s something for every beer enthusiast to enjoy. Take the chance to explore the rich history, creativity, and innovation of Chester’s brewing scene, all while supporting local breweries and enjoying a memorable experience.

As you prepare to visit Chester’s beer festivals, remember to prioritise safety and responsibility by arranging reliable transportation in advance. Book your taxi with Taxis-in-Chester to ensure you have a convenient and safe way to travel between festival venues and your accommodation. Enjoy the 2023 beer festivals, knowing your transportation is taken care of.


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