Chester this Spring for Kids

Spring has arrived and your kids can finally enjoy warmer weather after staying cooped up inside for so long. There are lots of things to do out and about here in Chester. Time to get going!

Chester this Spring for Kids - Things to Do - Chester Taxi Services

Activities for Toddlers

The youngest members of your family have unique needs. You’ll need something fun that can also accommodate their shorter attention spans. Whether you are on a day out in Chester or spending a long weekend, we have some ideas:

1. ChesterBoat

This is a unique twist on the “hop-on, hop-off” concept. Instead of a bus, you’re on a boat! ChesterBoat features an open top that’s perfect for sunny days. There’s lots to see as you float along so babies and toddlers will get plenty of stimulation, or spend the day exploring the banks of Chester’s river dee.

2. Coffeetots Play Cafe

What could be better than a restaurant that’s fun for both parents and kids? Coffeetots has baked goods for grownups as well as tasty finger foods for wee ones. The cafe also boasts a lovely play area full of blocks and toys.

3. Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway

The railway is conveniently located close to the Chester city centre. Its circuit runs a quarter of a mile. You will see everything that Grosvenor Park has to offer: a cute little pond and a lovely rolling green that’s perfect for picnics after the ride.

4. Zippy’s Playworld

Zippy’s Playworld offers a variety of rooms for you and your little ones to explore. One of the highlights is the “Baby Sensory Room” which provides a lovely bubble show and lots of projects to watch. Be sure to check out the “Laser Storm” room if you have older children tagging along. You can play laser tag together.

Activities for Kids Ages 6-12

This age range allows you to diversify your excursions. You can choose more interactive outings.

1. Breakout Chester

A sample of the “escape room” craze is closer than you think. Breakout Chester offers 7 different rooms for you to try. They range in difficulty so you’re sure to find one or two that are the right fit for your family.

2. The Chester Treasure Trail

Become a tourist in your own backyard! The Chester Treasure Trail is rich with history. The trail runs for two hours over about two miles, so it’s an ideal way for more active children to burn off steam.

You’ll follow clearly marked directions in a customised, self-guided tour. Each has a different theme. Follow the clues to discover treasure that’s hidden somewhere in the city.

3. Spavens Chester

Indulge your inner sweet tooth – and inner artiste with a visit to Spavens Chester. The colourful sweet shop is well-stocked with all sorts of goodies. When you’re done eating, try painting a sweet jar of your own. Parents get a complimentary hot drink.

4. Flip Out Chester

If you’ve ever wanted to practice being a gymnast, Flip Out Chester gives you that opportunity. Its extensive trampoline park is one of the biggest in the world. The facility is essentially one big trampoline: all areas of the venue are interconnected. Feel free to jump, twist, and bounce your way around.

Fun for Kids of All Ages

If you have a diverse group of children at different ages, you’ll need activities to keep everyone happy and occupied. Thankfully you won’t have to look far as there are many options available in the city.

1. Blue Planet Aquarium

Get up close and personal with over 1,500 species of fish. This aquarium also boasts Europe’s largest collection of sharks. The bravest in your group are also welcome to try Blue Planet’s shark dives for beginners. After a brief scuba training, you’ll get a chance to swim along with enormous Sand Tiger Sharks. Explore other dynamic ecosystems with the aquarium’s “Flooded Forest,” which mimics the Amazon River environment.

2. Discover Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is a hobby that’s growing in popularity across the U.K. You can give it a try, too, at Cheshire’s very own Arley Hall & Gardens. The “Discover Tree Climbing” organisation offers regular events for you to learn about safe, fun climbing techniques. Groups up to 8 people get helmets, harnesses, and ropes to practice skills used by arborists and recreational climbers alike.

3. The Lake District Tour from Chester

If you feel like going farther afield, try a day trip to the lake district. Visit Beatrix Potter’s charming Hill Top Farm and hike through picturesque scenery. The tour also includes a cruise so you can see the lakes as they were meant to be experienced. Take a break from hiking and do some shopping in Hawkshead, a charming medieval village.

4. Outpost Paintball

Outpost Paintball offers fun and games for everyone, whether you’ve played before or not. It is an outdoor, maze-like site that has several different themed courses. You can run through a graveyard, or explore trenches from World War 1. If you and your children are videogame enthusiasts, there are scenarios with game themes, too. Safety is their utmost priority, so you’ll get an extensive briefing before you play. If you decide to go last-minute, Outpost Paintball also provides open drop-in sessions on the weekend.

5. Sandy Lane Park and Aqua Park

Cool off by the banks of the River Dee this spring. You and your kids can enjoy fountains and other spray facilities or simply walk around the green. There’s something there for everyone.

6. The Ice Cream Farm

The Ice Cream Farm is probably one of Cheshire’s best-known. It features many different play areas that are all sweets-themed. Honeycomb Canyon is one of Europe’s largest indoor sand-and-water parks. You can also play with the Farm’s animals at their petting zoo called “Fudge Farm.” There’s even an arcade area if you’ve got teenagers tagging along. The best part? Everyone in the family gets free entrance.

7. City Sightseeing

Pretend to be a tourist for a day. Get on one of the many sightseeing buses and zip around the city. You can explore Chester’s rich history from the Roman conquerors to the modern era.


Keep Calm and Call a Taxi

No need to panic when it comes to getting out and about, keep calm and call a taxi. The are plenty of taxis in Chester and they can either be booked in advance or grab one at a selection of taxis ranks that dot Chester. For large groups or families there are minibus taxis available.

Happy Spring!


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