Chester to Manchester Airport.

Chester to Manchester Airport is less than 35 miles away. There are many ways to make this short trip including car, taxi, town car, train, bus or coach, so first you need to decide which is going to be the best mode of transport for you. Your final decision will depend on how much you want to spend and how quickly and reliably you want to get from Chester to Manchester Airport.

Chester to Manchester Airport - Chester Airport Taxi Service

Chester to Manchester Airport

1. Car

Roads from Chester to Manchester Airport are usually busy and congested, so driving your own car or a hire car on the M56 motorway may be the fastest, but it can also be more stressful. Travelling on ‘A’ roads will take you though many towns and villages with halt signs and traffic lights, so the drive may take much longer, making timing hard to judge. Consider the extra expense on top of paying for petrol to get you to the airport; there is the cost of parking your car. Choosing a car park at the airport or a privately owned one a few miles away with a shuttle bus service can be expensive especially if it is for a fortnight’s holiday. Then you have to hump your luggage from the car park or shuttle bus, possibly travelling in a lift, to the check in desks. Apart from driving yourself, there are several other means available to get to and from the airport in your designated window of time.


Chester to Manchester Airport via M56

  • Get on M53 from A56
  • Take M56 to Airport Spur in Greater Manchester – 28 min (30.2 mi)

Manchester Airport
Manchester M90 1QX


Chester to Manchester Airport via A54 / A556

  • Take Upper Northgate St to St Oswalds Way/A5268
  • Take A51, A54 and A556 to Chester Rd/A559 in Weaverham
  • Continue on Chester Rd/A559 to Hartford
  • Continue on A556. Take M56 to Airport Spur in Greater Manchester – 23 min (18.0 mi)

Manchester Airport
Manchester M90 1QX


2. Train

Getting to an airport on time is a must whether it is for business or pleasure; so many people choose to travel by train. The average train travel time to Manchester Airport from Chester is one hour 30 minutes, but some direct trains can get you there in approximately one hour. The Manchester Airport train station is located centrally and it is within a short walk of all three terminals. This is a big advantage compared to driving a car and manoeuvring your way in and out of the airport and paying to park. Disembarking a train within the airport saves the hassle of driving and parking costs and if you travel with a light weight wheeled suitcase, you will soon be at the airline desks.

With around nine trains each day from Chester to Manchester airport, it is easy to gauge your arrival time to within a few minutes allowing a stress free start to the beginning of your trip. Train tickets to and from the airport can be booked via the Manchester Airport website. There are several rail companies operating in the U.K., so check the fare with each company, as they can greatly differ. Some companies offer fare discounts if you book a seat in advance on a specific train, but this service might have many more stops than usual and that can almost double your travel time.

There are Direct and Indirect routes depending on time of departure:

  • Chester Station to Crewe (Arriva Trains Wales)
  • Crewe Station to Manchester Oxford Road (Northen)
  • 11 min walk to Manchester Airport
  • 1 h 20 min


  • Direct Train
  • Chester to Manchester Airport train Station
  • 11 min walk to Manchester Airport
  • 1 h 41 min


3. Taxi Airport Transfer

No one wants to start their journey under pressure, so many people choose a company that has perfected taxi airport transfers. These companies generally offer regular taxi cabs of various sizes (depending on the number of passengers) or minibus taxis, which are suitable for larger parties. Most companies have specially converted cabs that are wheelchair accessible if someone in your group has limited mobility. These services may be booked one way or a round trip although some companies base their prices on a one way transfer.

Many taxi companies have websites where you can submit questions check testimonials or book your transfer online with a credit or debit card through their secure website. If you have booked a round trip, your taxi driver will drop you and your luggage at your desired terminal and arrange to meet you after your return flight in the airport’s main car park at a designated point. Checking on clients’ return flights is an essential part of smoothly running a taxi airport transfer business. They monitor all incoming flights to make sure the driver arrives in plenty of time to meet their client whether the flight arrives earlier or later than expected. Some companies supply a ‘meet and greet’ service, which consists of the driver ‘greeting’ you when you enter the arrivals terminal or pre arranged meeting point.

4. Coach/Bus

Taking a local, public bus service is not the way to travel to an airport unless it is the last resort. Several public buses depart Chester Bus Interchange daily, but none of the routes go directly to Manchester Airport. These service buses are designed to transport passengers to northern towns and cities like Liverpool, Southport and Preston before travelling south via Wigan, Leigh and Manchester City Centre and then heading to Stockport and Manchester Airport. Approximate travelling time can be more than nine hours. Not a viable solution for trying to arrive in time to catch a flight.

Apart from driving your own car, the cheapest way to get from Chester to Manchester Airport is by a national coach company. These companies are wheelchair accessible and offer comfortable, reliable service 24 hours a day to all major airports in the U.K. Modern coaches depart Chester for Manchester Airport three times daily, so whatever the time of your flight, there should be one to suit your itinerary. The journey normally takes approximately 50 minutes via the M56 motorway, but be prepared for it to take longer in heavy traffic or if there are hold ups. These coaches are a reliable transport service with cost effective rates. One down side is if your luggage is loaded first, you have to wait longer to retrieve it. Why not allow a streamlined, temperature controlled coach to whisk you to and from the airport in comfort? Pound (₤) for pound (₤) this is truly an executive ride for a mini price.

5. Chauffeur Service.

Businesses and executives like to impress their clients and associates by choosing a chauffeur service for airport transfers. These businesses operate their service with luxury cars and people carriers. They are high in demand and more expensive than regular taxis, but they can work out to be quite reasonable per capita if you divide the hiring cost by the number of passengers. Cars used for this type of service might be Mercedes-Benz S Class saloons or something comparable. Your driver or chauffeur will load and unload your luggage and will most likely wear a uniform with a company logo and maybe even a peaked hat. Unlike regular taxi cabs, these luxury cars and people carriers are designed for comfort and style and offer a smooth, stress free ride to your destination. Some cars and people carriers come equipped with bottled water and air conditioning. Other extras might be daily newspapers and heated, leather seating. The cost of this service usually includes VAT and all tips and gratuities. One way trips are quite common, so check if a two way transfer will be any cheaper or just charged at double the one way fare.

We all know that reaching a specific location at a set time needs careful planning. Whichever mode of transport you finally choose for the start of your journey, you should always err on the right side and allow an extra hour or two to arrive at the airport. Waiting in a queue to check in for your flight and then killing time before your plane takes off is part of travelling, so allocate a little extra time by using a reliable form of transport that will relieve a lot of pressure and help you enjoy every part of your trip.


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