Christmas Party Venues in Chester

Historic Chester is a stunningly beautiful place and offers a range of venues for Christmas parties, whether it be a friends or for your small business. You’ll find plenty of places that have varied Christmas menus and Christmas party nights right here in the very heart of Chester.

Christmas Party Venues across Cheshire

Below we have listed some venues across Cheshire that offer Christmas Party nights.

However you should check out Christmas Party Events in Google from small and large venues across Cheshire.

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The Park Royal

This gorgeous four star hotel shows off the best of the Chester countryside. The tranquil setting offers over a hundred rooms to welcome guests along with an indoor pool and spa as well as lots of parking. That makes it easy for people to get here on time even when you’re scheduling a party at the end of the work day. If you are looking for a place to hold an upscale event with plenty of luxury details at every turn, this will delight your guests. Bring your friends along for the Christmas Classic Party Night when the entire hotel comes alive with music and a great meal. There’s a delicious three course menu designed around the season’s best bounty and those Christmas classic foods that everyone loves. When you’re done, you can take to the dance floor featuring laid back disco hits. It’s a fun way to combine a full meal along with a night of music and a chance for people to get to know each other better. Hot dogs at midnight along with a selection of alcohol keep the party going for as long as you like. It’s also very easy to bring in a personal party that offers access to the grounds and a menu that you can design on your own with their expertise.

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Delamare Forest

Magical Delamare is one place full of life all year long. You can take advantage of this area in the middle of the countryside with a dinner this year at a pop up restaurant in the center of the forest. The innovative concept offers something that your friends and family have never seen before and won’t soon forget. There’s an inventive dining experience waiting for you and your guests under a series of tipis that have been set in advance. You’ll be enchanted and delighted when you walk into a path lit by fairy lights under a full night’s sky studded with stars. The restaurant here for you guests to discover is divided into large tents that allow people to stretch out and relax. Each one offers a fire pit for warmth right in the center.

It’s a great way to encourage people to relax and interact with each other. Once inside, you can enjoy a fine meal that’s been prepared by some of the region’s best chefs. It’s an ideal way to connect to the spirit of the season and embrace the joys of winter. Live music from famed local musician Charlie Reader encourages your guests to get up and dance in the nearby space set up for that purpose. Just bring a pair of good boots because the area can get just a bit wet. You’ll also want to remind people to bring along a warm winter coat as the evenings can feel just a bit chilly.

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Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa

Take a well earned break at Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa. This is where you can go to get pampered from Christmas Eve and into Boxing Day and beyond. Multiple Christmas packages let you select the one you like best for yourself and any guests who might chose to join you for a winter break. You can begin with time at the spa and then enjoy a wine tasting. There’s a canape and champagne reception at the hall. Then it’s a breakfast, with a lunch, a buffet and a chance to unwind. If you’d like to invite guests for Christmas Day you can enjoy a special menu with tomato soup, poached salmon, roast turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies. Special menus are available just for you and your guests for a corporate event. You can also head off from some dancing or just give your guests a chance to mingle and appreciate the lovely setting. It’s easy for companies and people to book a private party if they would like in this setting that everyone can get to with ease.

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A River Dee Cruise

The River Dee forms an integral part of the Chester area. In the winter, you can get aboard a boat and admire it from the shore. When Christmas comes along, the Lady Diana gets all decked out for the holidays as she explores the river here with her passengers. The boat is available for a special day on Christmas. There’s wine and a hot supper to help relax as you sit back on the deck and watch the lights from the shore. If you want something during the holidays but not on Christmas, you can book it for a private party of your own. You can also book a deejay to be on hand as you have a fun party. It’s one way to show off the area in a new way that differs from other kinds of holiday parties at this time. If you have lots of out of towners arriving, you can bring them on board a boat and let them see the region from the river. Stay with them as you point out the area’s fascinating features and show off your knowledge of local history. Many locals may not have had the chance to see the river before so a holiday party can open up a whole view of Chester for them.

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The Vicarage

One place to find room and board is The Vicarage. It’s a place for meetings all year long. It’s a particularly festive place at Christmas when the entire space comes alive with light and lots of things to do. You’ll find plenty to explore for guests of all agents. If you want to make that company party an event where everyone can bring their kids, try the Christmas Day feast. A three course menu features starters like smoked salmon while main course options include baked cod and carved sirloin. After you’re done, the kids at the party can enjoy a visit from Father Christmas.

If you would prefer to keep this one for the adults, there’s many possibilities. You can have everyone join you for a grown up Christmas tea. A fabulous selection of varied kinds of Christmas themed sandwiches and teas set everyone up for the upcoming season. Large parties can book a private room for a three course dinner that lets everyone sit down and enjoy time with others in a congenial setting. They are available from Monday to Saturday so it’s just right for a break during the week or after work on Saturday.

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Mottram Hall

Undeniably one of the loveliest venues in the area, Mottram Hall delights guests from the second they see it. If you’d like to bring people here on Christmas Day, there’s two possible places to have a fine meal during the day. Head for the Claret Jug or the Carrington Grill. There’s a four course meal and time for the little ones to see Father Christmas in person. The grill also serves a Sunday roast that you and your guests can enjoy if you don’t want to be here that exact day. The Claret Jug specialises in traditional British classics and light snacks. This is a good choice if you prefer to have a space that’s more informal.

Christmas parties are available onsite at Mottram Hall starting in late November until mid December. Pick the large Winter wonderland or opt for a more intimate feel at the Winter Lodge. Guests are greeted with a drink and then a chance to appreciate a sit down meal. Once everyone’s finished eating, they can head for the dance floor with a deejay to bring in the tunes. This is a good option for all those who are looking for a place that can accommodate a large party where everyone has room to stretch out. It’s also useful for people who prefer to have a venue that has an inviting holiday feel where guests can choose to get to know each other better.

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Christmas Party Transport

You’ve got your Christmas party booked now its time to get your taxi in Chester or for the rest of the party a minibus taxi booked.

You do the drinking this Christmas and we will do the driving.

Be Safe this Christmas!


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