Dewa Roman Experience in Chester

The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester is a historical experience like no other. This attraction sits on the site of a fortress going back to the Roman era. Archaeologists have found well-preserved artefacts that are now on permanent display, and these are one example.

Dewa Roman Experience

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Things to See

Visitors start in the hold of a re-created Roman galley, where they meet the Oars Master named Grapus. The Oars Master’s job is to let visitors known about the dangers that the soldiers from the Twentieth Legion would have faced. With a force 5,000 strong, these soldiers played an essential role in this part of Rome’s empire.

The introduction from the Oars Master helps set the stage for everything else that visitors will see during the experience. Everyone will have an idea of what awaits during their time touring the area before they arrive. After hearing about the different areas that make up the attraction, visitors will be ready to immerse themselves in the experience.

There is an air of authenticity due to an atmospheric reconstruction. Everything that you see, hear, and smell is meant to be as close to what the real thing would have been like as possible. These experiences will help you appreciate what researches have learned about life in this era even more.

When visitors exit the galley, they will be able to see re-creations of structures that would have been part of the fortress, including:

  • Market stalls – the market where all of the buying and selling took place
  • Taverna – a tavern where the soldiers would have enjoyed drinks
  • Bath-house – the place where everyone would have washed
  • Barracks – where the soldiers would have been quartered
  • Granary – the storage area for local crops

All of these structures played vital roles in the daily life of the fort. By seeing how they operated based on what researchers have discovered from excavating the fortress, visitors will have a greater understanding of how soldiers and others during this period lived. Seeing reproductions of these areas helps bring them to life for anyone who sees them.

One of the best things about this venue is its suitability for all weather conditions. You can visit during all times of the year without any difficulties. You never have to worry about postponing your trip because of a rainy day.

About the Hands-On Room

Both children and adults enjoy the chance to visit this area of the attraction. Bones and pottery found at the site are available for archaeologists in the making to check out. Even if you’ve never had a chance to take part in an excavation, you’ll find being able to handle the pottery and bones fascinating.

These activities help make everything real for visitors. Because they are suitable for all ages, the whole family can easily take part. Children benefit from the opportunity to take advantage of learning experiences, especially when they are presented in innovative ways.

Some of the historically-themed activities to try include:

  • Making a mosaic – letting you show off your creative side
  • Creating a hypocaust – being an ancient engineer for the day
  • Using a catapult – testing your skill for the battlefield
  • Putting on armour – getting ready for battle
  • Getting sold in a slave market – don’t worry, you’ll go home safe!

The hands-on part of the experience not only enriches learning for children but also gives adults a new appreciation for this part of the country’s history. Although most people of all ages are well-versed in our country’s Saxon and Medieval history, not everyone is as familiar with the Roman era. Learning experiences such as these offer a greater breadth of historical fact for all age groups.

Checking Out the Excavations

Dewa is an active archaeological site where you can see what’s going on with digs. In addition to artefacts dating back to Roman times, there are also layers unearthed that contain items from the Saxon and Medieval periods. There are artefacts on display in the museum area that also include findings from across the Roman Empire.

Themed City Tours

During weekends and select school holiday times, Dewa offers historically-themed city tours. The perspectives that visitors can adopt when taking these tours are those of a Roman soldier, gladiator, or Celtic warrior. The Roman gardens, amphitheatre, and city walls help provide settings for each of these experiences.

Buying Souvenirs and Gifts

There is a gift shop where you can purchase souvenir and gift items. This shop is easily accessible once you’ve completed the experience. You can easily visit the shop whenever you wish without paying admission, too, ask someone in the reception area for access.



Address: 12B Bridge St, West, Chester CH1 1NN


  • Monday: 9am–5pm
  • Tuesday: 9am–5pm
  • Wednesday: 9am–5pm
  • Thursday: 9am–5pm
  • Friday: 9am–5pm
  • Saturday: 9am–5pm
  • Sunday: 10am–5pm


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