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Coffee, tea, or me? But, of course, the answer is tea. Because with a tea in one hand, you will surely be following me. After all, Afternoon Tea is the honoured, quintessential, and classic British tradition, which takes people back to many centuries ago. This fine art of sipping hot tea in the afternoon started with Anna Maria Russel, the 7th Duchess of Bedford. She happens to be the life long friend of Queen Victoria and is credited as the creator of this wonderful indulgence. Since the evening meals were served fashionably late in her home, she always asked for treats at 4pm to help tide her hungry stomach until dinner time. She eventually found herself inviting her many of her friends over, and this paved the roots for this wonderful practice.

This fine unique food service tradition remains popular to this very day, withstanding the truest test of time. Afternoon Tea includes not just tea but many food treats being served along with the hot beverage. The piece de resistance of any tea time service display, next to the quaint and dainty tea cups, is a three tiered cake holder which contains various kinds of goodies. Indulging on cakes and pastries, eating scones, enjoying finger sandwiches, and drinking cups of hot tea, while enjoying deep conversation with friend and family, is everything that Afternoon Tea is all about.

Fasten your seat belt, prepare your taste buds for an amazing Afternoon Tea experience in this side of town.

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Afternoon Tea in Chester

1. The Chester Grosvenor Hotel

The Chester Grosvenor has staked its claim to be the finest establishment in Chester when it comes to the custom of taking tea. In all honesty, they have every right to steak a claim on this title because they have been serving the Chester are sinc e 1882. If only its old walls could speak, what secrets could it have heard during the numerous Afternoon Tea service that has transpired in this reputable institution. The hotel’s age alone is indicative of the amazing service that has crossed over through many different generations.

They have extensive choice of five afternoon tea variants, which includes two kind of Gentleman’s Variations. The latter replaces the delicate pastries and light finger food items with manlier versions with heartier fare and bigger portions like a crusty sourdough bread sandwiches with ham fillings and chunky freshly cooked chips. There is also Indulgent Champagne version if you are in need of a little bit of bubbly. All their food items are are painstakingly prepared by their word class chefs. it served in Arkle Bar and Lounge Area of the hotel.

Afternoon Tea at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel begins begins at 12 and ends at 4:30pm from Monday to Thursday and ends at 4pm on Fridays to Sundays. Everything here starts at £33.50 per person, which is fairly pricey. But it is well worth it for the quality of the food and excellent service provided by their team. Take note that the champagne variety is more expensive at £47.50. If you really fancy eating here, then be sure book ahead in advance, so you can be accommodated. The Grosvenor, in spite of its price tag, remains fairly popular so seats in the Afternoon Tea service gets full pretty quickly. This proves that people are always willing to pay for quality and excellence.

Address: Eastgate St, Chester CH1 1LT

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/tfHFFEVLMQJDDuP59

2. Oddfellows Chester

Who’d ever think that beneath the straight and formal looking exterior is a place that lives up to its name. Strangely odd, fellows, indeed. This is a glamorous but eccentric and odd restaurant, lounge, and boutique hotel rolled into one charmingly odd package that is located along the old Lower Bridge Street. Their own zany version of Afternoon Tea promises to bring in copious amounts of odd through its snappy interiors. They have generous doses of humour and fun, with the Looking Glass Restaurant and the Mad Hatter’s Team Room, both of which are a part of the setting the world famous Alice Wonderland. Traditional or Savoury Afternoon Tea is fairly priced at £18.50, and the bigger version that combines the best of both menus is called the Cultivated Afternoon Tea is £26. They have a midweek promo for two where you can enjoy either Traditional or Savoury Afternoon Tea for two with a glass of bubbly or a pint of beer for £39.50, so do drag your fried over and save on the price of the booze.

Treats abound in Oddfellows with freshly prepped finger sandwiches that utilises the farm fresh flavors of the current season. It also comes with scones with all its usual trimmings, a chef’s special packed with his favourite treats, cakes and tarts, and of course the very important variants of tea and coffee selections. Noteworthy, they have savoury version if you feel like swapping the traditional afternoon delights of cakes with scrumptious scotch eggs, pigs in a blanket, and miniature sliders. Freshly made cheese and onions scones hot from the over come right to your table ready to be dipped in chives or creme fraiche.

Address: 20 Lower Bridge St, Chester CH1 1RS

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/gRkrwe7vbkDQXyZf7

3. Mad Hatters

It seems that the multitude of fans of Alice in Wonderland shall never run out of a place to hideout and play dress up in. With a place called Mad Hatters Tea Room, they will surely feel right at home. This subtly eccentric venue was showcased on iTV’s as Britain’s Best Bakery, which is a rightful tag because they do offer a lot wonder with their amazing menu with a touch of whimsy.

Their “Eat Me” and “Drink ME” items are all prepared with love right on their on site bakery. Be prepared to be assaulted by the aroma of freshly baked goodies the moment you enter their wonderland. They use the freshest ingredients for all their items. Everything is prepped with their loving hands. They work hard at accommodating their various clients by offering various menus that cater to specific dietary requirements from lactose free, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. All you have to do is ask and they will do everything in their power to help you out.

Alice’s Afternoon Tea is reasonably priced at at £16 per person. There is atrocious homage to that annoying queen called The Red Queen’s Afternoon Tea, which comes with an additional glass of bubbly for £21 per head. Advance booking is required on Saturday because of the huge demand due the very affordable price.

Address: 49 Bridge St, East, Chester CH1 1NW

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/t4SJqn8dpkA18TvR8

4. Bellini’s Cafe

This stylish establishment can be found in the historic row right smack dab in the heart of Chester. As you sit down to eat, you can get views of the bustling downtown area. Bellini’s is the seat of choice of shoppers and tourists who want to take a short break from their hectic and jam-packed itineraries. This cafe has become a very popular place for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Of course, they version of the Afternoon Tea is also unparalleled because you got mouth watering temptations without breaking the bank. Afternoon Tea is only £15.95, while the one served champagne is £20.95.

Their afternoon tea menu includes the usual scrummy finger sandwiches, delightful warm scones, and a diverse selection of sweets pastries and cakes. But of course, with a name inspired by an alcoholic beverage called Bellini, it is imperative that you treat yourself with some bubbly. Strawberry Bellini anyone? They are the proponent of a champagne lifestyle. No, this doesn’t mean turning alcoholic. It just simply refers to keeping your life sparkling and your glass full. Take note that they close on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursday. But do give them a ring if you need them for a special function.

Address: Bellinis Chester, 75 Bridge St, Chester CH1 1NW

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/XMi7EMVspRfuYgia9

5. Brasserie Abode

Located on the fifth floor of a hotel, unwind and relax at the Brasserie Abode with their Afternoon Tea set with a backdrop of the stunning panoramic vistas of the Welsh hills and the Chester Racecourse. Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying those comforting cups of tea is easy enough to do in a stylish and laid back environment with astounding customer service.

Their afternoon tea includes a wide selection of sweets and savories. You can choose from freshly baked scones, velvety clotted cream, yummy strawberry jam, mouth watering savouries, delectable sandwiches, and other delicious pastries served with various kinds of teas and coffee selections. Afternoon Tea is £19.00, while the champagne version is £26.00.

Address: ABode Chester, Grosvenor Rd, Chester CH1 2DJ

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QQkV4NaRKzb1ePNV8

6. Zugers Tea Rooms

This is popular Swiss inspired tea room with a close proximity to the Roman Ampitheatre. It opened in 2009 and has steadily gained success in the community. Zugers Tea Room is actually a family run enterprise. Their primary goals are to provide excellent service and to produce dishes that utilise local farm produce in their main list of ingredients. Noteworthy, they serve their Afternoon Tea ALL DAY. Yes, that deserves its own caps-lock because the intensity of this tid bit is astounding. On top of that, they have the most reasonably priced Afternoon Tea offerings at only £13.95. Lift your jaw form the floor and get to Zugers.

Each tea set comes with a handmade Swiss chocolate and a scrumptious cake. They serve it with traditional sandwiches, freshly baked homemade scone with your choice of jam and velvety clotted cream, and your choice of on their famous desserts. All of this can be washed down with your choice of tea variant or perhaps a cup of java. You can add a glass of Mimosa or a Strawberry Bellini to your afternoon tea set for at an additional cost.

Address: 2 St John St, Chester CH1 1DA

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/aWoEKXxj4ksBbUqM8

7. Chester Cathedral

You read that right. Head onto the Chester Cathedral Refectory Cafe for your Afternoon Tea.

With Chester Cathedral, church is not just food for the soul but for hungry bellies, too with their traditional tea set with scones, jams, and sandwiches. This hidden gem is an excellent value for money costing only £15 per person. Dining with the monks hall is certainly a very refreshing and unique activity. Peace, calm, and serenity are included in this Afternoon Tea service. Their warm and friendly staff members are always happy to be of service. Come with your family and friends to be able to spend quality time together eating good food and sharing wonderful stories.

That being said, you’ll need to book at least one day in advance to ensure that you get a seat on the table. And even though it’s a cathedral, you can add a glass of Prosecco to your tea set upping the price to £20 er person.

Address: Cathedral, St Werburgh St, Chester CH1 2DY

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/6Xw4dELxZ4ozwExz9

8. Katie’s Tea Rooms

Open every single day for 10 to 5pm, Katie’s Tea Room is happy to serve their clients Afternoon Tea. They have been known to extend their operating hours when there are special events, especially when the Chester Racehorse is busy. They pride themselves for being an old fashioned tea house the likes to stick to tradition.

Their afternoon tea set is fairly big and is perfect for sharing with a large group. They have a wide array of delicious sandwiches, sweet treats, and all the other usual tea accoutrements. Their usual Afternoon Tea is only £12.95. What a steal! They can also upgrade your tea to a full bottle of bubbles for a small extra charge of £5.50.

Address: 38 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LA

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/G6F7RYXAnMJ84xat6

Afternoon Tea is a wonderful indulgence that is good for the soul, especially when it is shared with loved ones. After all, good tastes so much better when shared in the company of amazing family and genuine friends. Afternoon Tea is always a fabulous way to reward yourself after a long day of shopping or working. Chester indeed boasts of some of the wonderful places where you can easily indulge on this fine art.

Afternoon Tea is part of the British Heritage that must never be lost. Many thanks to those ancestors, who have paved the way for this wonderful tradition to transcends time.

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