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Historic Chester hugs the border between Wales and England. The city has roots as a gathering place for locals and travellers that date back to Roman times. Nearly eighty-thousand people make this charming town their home. Others choose to stop here on their way to explore the lovely surrounding area. History has marked this place with many things to see and do. There’s a wall that sets the community apart from its neighbours. One of the many great things about Chester is the city’s modern touches. Those who are looking for fresh food will find it right here in town.
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Chester Ranks Fifth on a list of Fresh Food Capitals

A Growing Number

Cooker manufacturer Leisure understandably wishes to identify areas where they might have success in marketing their products. As part of this process, officials at the company had a close look at how many fresh food outlets can be found in numerous towns in the entire United Kingdom. They were in search of places that encourage people to enjoy healthy eating whether at home or on the road with a group of like minded friends. Officials at Leisure know that people are looking for ways to become healthier. They point out that there are more than six million people following diets designed to help them stay on track when it comes to their overall consumption of nutritious food. A growing number of people have chosen the path of vegetarianism, veganism or consuming only fish protein as pescatarians.

Greater Demand

Consumers are increasingly demanding access to the freshest possible fruit and vegetables as they shop and eat out. They are also looking for food that lies lightly on the land and makes use of proven techniques like organic farming that can deliver a high quality product to their tables. It’s one food trend that is likely to have staying power. It’s also a trend that officials in Chester have lovingly embraced.

Varied Choices

Independent traders make this one destination that delights the foodie and everyone else in love with great products. Chester is home to fourteen bakeries making bread and other pastries from scratch each day. It’s also home to seventeen butchers. Butchers make it possible for people to eat a wide variety of protein. They also make it easy for people to prepare items like stews that can take advantage of all parts of the animal and reduce food costs at the same time.

Bakeries in Chester


Butchers in Chester


There are three fishmongers in town to serve residents and their guests. Fish is an important part of the local diet. The fish mongers bring in fish and other seafood from local rivers. This makes it easy for residents to create meals based on ingredients that are sustainable in the long term and all natural at the same time. Chester is also home to four greengrocers so there’s always a wide variety of produce for people to sample. The greengrocers offer an endless array of seasonal food that’s always fresh and always easy to prepare. Two markets in town also make it easy to find food for all meals all day long.

Fishmongers in Chester


Greengrocers in Chester


Much Welcome News

Ranking just behind York, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow, Chester’s ascendancy has been received with great joy by the city’s leading business development organisation. CH1ChesterBID is trusted with representing the interests of the city’s understandably proud traders. Carl Critchlow is the BID Manager. In this capacity, he works for the good of the local community and often speaks on behalf of the region’s traders. He is pleased to note that the ranking means that the community is being recognised by experts on a national scale for working hard to bring in fresh foods to the public. He joyfully points that the city centre now offers a wide variety of items that are locally sourced as well as many types of organic products. These products not only appeal to local residents. They also bring in shoppers in search of great products from the entire North West. This is one of the reasons the city has assumed a greater role in serving as a regional hub for all in search of good, healthy things to eat.

Independent Business Owners

Many people, including Carl Cricthlow, attribute the recognition to several factors. He points to groups like Francis Thomas that provide fresh food to the community with great pride. He also points to the well known Mad Hatters Tea Room and Bakery. The team room offers people the chance to enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee while sampling the kind of traditional pastries that have made this region ideal for travellers in search of a light lunch and a chance to relax. Such businesses are not only focused in providing excellent products. They also aim to offer highly superior individual service that makes people feel welcome the second they step inside. In doing so, they create a sense of community that makes locals feel happy and brings in an ever widening consumer base at the same time.

Ethically and Sustainable

Consumers are looking for food with local roots. They want to buy items that have been harvested in an ethical manner with an eye to the future. As a fresh food capital of the United Kingdom, it is clear that Chester’s merchants are meeting this ideal. People are also increasingly adapting a health conscious lifestyle with an emphasis on living in harmony with the natural world. Efforts continue in the city’s Business Improvement District to work hard and live up to these all-important goals. Traders here are designed to note this distinction and the earned ranking on a remarkable list. Accolades like this are highly welcome as they indicate the region’s many marketers are living up to this plan and meeting consumers exactly where they want to be when eating at home or making use of takeaway.

It also indicates national respect for the many diverse shops that make living in or visiting Chester such a pleasure. The city centre is home to many merchants devoted to providing a superior experience for all those who choose to make this space a place to enjoy. They are delighted to find their hard work has been rewarded with a place on a list that is likely to draw international attention. They’re also pleased that such a list is also likely to bring in more people from nearby areas as well as those who are passing by and wish to enjoy a truly excellent meal based on devotion to the highest possible standards.

Shopping in Chester

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