Give Spookton Brewery and Taproom a Visit

A new destination for craft beer enthusiasts has emerged. Spookton Brewery and Taproom, officially opened in March, is quickly becoming known as one of the city’s “hidden gems.” This brewery might be tucked away off Queen Street along St. Thomas’ Pathway, but it’s worth the find.

Spookton Brew Co. started its journey in the summer of 2022 by collaborating with other breweries to create unique beers. By March 2023, they had opened their taproom and received the green light from HMRC to brew on-site—a significant step for any craft brewery. Founder Jon Pugh expressed excitement about this development, emphasising the positive reception from the local community and the thrill of finally brewing their creations in their own space.

Give Spookton Brewery and Taproom a Visit - Chester Taxi Services

Craft Beer and Community

Spookton’s commitment to the community extends beyond brewing beer. For every pint or can produced, the brewery donates five pence to local charities, continuing its support for organisations like Soul Kitchen and Magic Breakfast. This initiative underscores its dedication to quality brewing and making a positive impact in the community.

Spookton is not just about excellent beer; it’s about creating a vibrant community space. The taproom welcomes families (children until 6 pm) and dogs at any time, reflecting a truly inclusive atmosphere. Moreover, the spacious venue hosts exhibitions of local artists’ work and workshops and is preparing to offer brew day experiences and tour and tasting events.

Highlighting its growing reputation, Spookton Brewery and Taproom participated in the Chester Craft Beer Festival at The Carriage Sheds on May 18. This event showcased their vegan-friendly beers alongside some of the country’s best breweries, indicating Spookton’s significant presence in the craft beer scene.

A Beer for Everyone

The variety of beers at Spookton is impressive, featuring unique blends like the Rough & Crumble—a fruited sour with blackberry, cherry, and spices—and the Brave Noise Pale Ale, which supports the Women In Beer project. Their offerings include everything from the citrusy zest of the Brave Noise to Gloom’s dark, rich tones, an oatmeal stout that promises a luxurious experience with every sip.

Spookton’s doors are open from Thursday to Sunday, so if you plan a visit, you can learn more about their beers and taprooms.

Spookton Brewery and Taproom is a must-visit spot in Chester for anyone passionate about craft beer and community. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to this brewery offers more than just a taste of great beer—it’s a dive into a thriving craft culture that cherishes quality, community, and creativity.


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