Historically Spooky Sites in Chester

Chester, a city rich in history and shrouded in mystery, beckons visitors to explore its unique blend of historical landmarks and haunted locales. This guide delves into the most intriguing sites, perfect for those fascinated by Chester’s storied past and eerie legends.

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Historically Spooky Sites in Chester - Chester Taxi Services


Medieval Northgate, former city gaol, echoes with moans and cries from its haunting history.

Location: City Centre, Chester

St John’s Church

This church’s ruins are haunted by a monk, with a ghostly presence felt throughout.

Location: Vicar’s Ln, Chester

Queens School

A Victorian building on a former gaol site, known for ghostly whispers and a foreboding aura.

Location: City Centre, Chester

Old Rectory, St. Mary’s Hill

It is known for its icy-cold room and mysterious sounds, adding to its spooky reputation.

Location: St. Mary’s Hill, Chester

Gaumont Cinema

This former cinema, now a bingo hall, is haunted by ‘Old George’, a ghostly figure in tweed. However, this site is in the process of planning an application for a new hotel.

Location: City Centre, Chester

Stanley Palace

A 16th-century house with murmurs, giggles, and the spirit of James Stanley.

Location: Watergate St, Chester

Tudor House

A 17th-century house haunted by a headless cavalier and other restless spirits.

Location: Lower Bridge St, Chester

City Walls

The ancient City Walls of Chester are said to be haunted by a Roman legionnaire, often seen walking along the walls at night.

Location: City Centre, Chester

Rowton Moor

Rowton Moor, known for its Civil War history, is also reputed to be haunted, with visitors reporting ghostly sightings and eerie sensations.

Location: Rowton, Chester

Ye Olde King’s Head

This historic inn is famous for its paranormal activities, with numerous ghost sightings and unexplained events.

Location: 48-50 Lower Bridge St, Chester

Thornton’s Chocolate Shop (Closed)

Once a medieval hospital, this chocolate shop is now a site of frequent ghost sightings, adding a spooky twist to its sweet offerings.

Location: 1 Eastgate St, Chester

The Pied Bull

This historic pub is a hotspot for paranormal activity, with stories of a ghostly maid and unexplained occurrences.

Location: 57 Northgate St, Chester

The George & Dragon

The George & Dragon pub is another of Chester’s haunted locations, with tales of eerie happenings and ghostly presences.

Location: 1 Liverpool Rd, Chester

Minerva’s Shrine

Nestled in Edgar’s Field, Minerva’s Shrine is a rare relic from Roman times dedicated to the goddess of wisdom. This ancient monument, carved into the rockface, offers a glimpse into Chester’s Roman heritage.

Location: Edgar’s Field, Handbridge, Chester

Chester Imp

Located inside the magnificent Chester Cathedral, the Chester Imp is a whimsical, mysterious carving, thought to ward off evil spirits. Its presence adds a mystical touch to the cathedral’s history.

Location: St Werburgh St, Chester

Three Old Arches

Experience history at the Three Old Arches, England’s oldest shop front. It combines medieval architecture with modern-day shopping in Chester’s iconic Rows.

Location: Bridge Street, Chester

Crypt Chambers

The Crypt Chambers, beneath Chester’s streets, offer a chilling exploration of medieval architecture. Their mysterious ambience is perfect for history enthusiasts.

Location: Within Chester City Walls

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Getting Around Chester

Being an old city, Chester does have its limitations during busy seasons. Chester park & ride is an excellent option for day trippers, whilst parking in Chester should be planned ahead of time if you are visiting during peak season and events. Our Chester Taxis are available around the city and can be booked from your hotel or location.


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