Iconic Taxis Around the World

Though many millennial’s would rather dial an Uber, most of these taxis have a place in many people’s hearts as they not only help them reach their destinations but also leave them with great stories to tell once back home. They give the culture of a given city and each will give you a different experience. Each country has its own kind of taxis, and this article will look at some of the most iconic taxis around the globe.

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Taxis around the World


London’s Black Cabs

If you are in London, make sure to try one of these beautiful rides. London can trace the history of the taxi to 1605 when their first public hackney for hire hit its roads. The taxi’s drivers have to undergo rigorous knowledge training that takes up to 4 years before they can be allowed to drive passengers around the city. This is to ensure that every driver is conversant and familiar will the entire region.

London cabbies are very friendly and will make your ride a pleasant one with their happy chats about any topic, ranging from politics to the celebrity they have had the honour of carrying.


New York’s Yellow Cabs

You do not want to be driving in New York City and if you do, you are bound to get stuck behind hundreds of the city’s iconic yellow cabs. New York has more cabs than regular cars, and it is no wonder that many celebrities have spent time riding at the back of these vehicles. Each day, New Yorkers continue to chase the American dream from the back seats of yellow cabs. Although they are set to be replaced with eco-friendly taxis, they will definitely retain their bright yellow colour.


The Hong Kong Red Cab

Hong Kong is one of the busiest and densely populated cities in the world. This breathtaking city is donned with more than 15,000 of the iconic red cabs. If you are planning a city, expect some chaotic traffic. The most popular of these red cabs include the Nissan Cedric Y31 as well as the Toyota Crown Comfort YXS10.


Moscow’s Porsches

When most countries opt to go for the cheaper but functional alternatives when it comes to taxis, Russia does not believe in that mantra. Let it not come as a surprise to see a Porsche pull up next to you as you wait for a taxi. This is their typical taxi cab. Russians have a thing for fast luxury cars, and their taxis are exactly like that. Expect to feel the pinch too when it comes to paying for the ride. For the rich people of Russia, this is simply normal. If you feel that the fee is out of your reach, pick cheaper options. However, given the fact that this is Russia you are talking about, you cannot expect anything cheap.


The Tuk-Tuks of Bangkok

Although there are four-wheels taxis in Bangkok, tuk-tuks have remained popular options. If you are looking for a thrilling experience where you get to devour the fresh air while travelling, get into a tuk-tuk and have the ride of your life. These three-wheeled taxis will help you create more memories to share with people back home.

With a tuk-tuk ride, you get to engage all your senses as you watch the bustling town all around you. It is definitely something worth experiencing while on a visit to the region.

If you like to live on the edge, this is your thing. Tuk-tuks drivers tend to operate the vehicles at maddening speeds. Most times they narrowly avoiding hitting pedestrians and flying over potholes but that is the perfect Thailand experience for any daredevil. Just be careful not to get overcharged.


Tokyo’s Perfect Taxicabs

The Japanese are known for their utter politeness as well as tidiness. This is replicated in the cab industry that features chauffeurs wearing impeccably clean hats, shirts, as well as white gloves. Their taxis are of high quality with spotlessly clean interiors. The drivers use a crank device to open the back doors for the passengers automatically.

With such amenities, it is no shocker that these taxis are notoriously expensive. On the bright side, their drivers will never accept tips from passengers. You can also get a sightseeing taxi in this city.


Mexico City-VW Beetle

A ride from the airport in one of these old beetles brings some weird excitement to any tourist. This funny-looking vehicle will leave you with stories to tell your next generation. The only downside is that these taxis have no ample space for you to stretch your legs comfortably. If you encounter a reasonable driver, they might remove the front passenger’s seat to create some space for your legs.

Eco-friendly cars have replaced most of these cabs, but they will remain in the list of iconic taxis in the world.


Nurburgring’s BMW at Germany

Germany is known for offering incredible driving experience to fast riders with their speed unlimited autobahns. If you still crave for more, hire a pimped BMW taxi and experience a ride of your life at the famous Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit. You can make a booking from the online BMW portal from April to October and get driven by their qualified racing drivers.


Venetian Water Taxi

This list cannot be complete without featuring the taxis in use in the waterways of Venice city. Since this town doesn’t have streets, people have to travel by either gondolas or water taxis as they go about their businesses. These water rides are popularly known as taxi acquei or motoscafi. They are the fastest and most expensive way to move around Venice.

Enjoy your water ride on these speed boats as you take in the beauty of this city. Though you will have to feel a pinch in your pocket, the thrill that comes with a ride in these speed boats is worth every penny.

The above are just some of the many iconic taxis around the globe. They have earned the title due to their unique characteristics and satisfaction they offer to any rider. From the comfort of a Moscow’s Porsches to reckless driving of Bangkok’s tuk-tuks, there is adventure everywhere you go.

Grab your travel bag and hit the road. An adventure awaits you ahead!


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