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What do you do when you don’t have your own set of wheels? In Chester, you can either call a cab, hire a car or use the bus network. Calling a cab can relieve some of the pressure and put you in a better position. You can even book one to two days in advance to rest in the peace of mind of knowing you will have a ride.

Taxi Hire in Chester - Chester Taxi Services

Why a Taxi Company?

Perhaps you have chosen to opt out of driving to work, or your car needs repairs. Using a taxi has become an invaluable service and you don’t have to rely on buses or trains that may or may not get you to work on time. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a taxi driver is how many of the taxi firms will let you open an account to schedule an ongoing arrangement.

With congestion around Chester, Manchester, Liverpool and Heathrow can sometimes be, you can hire an airport transfer and virtually eliminate all stress related to delays and timely arrival. Taxis have also become one of the invaluable methods of transport when getting from one airport to another in a timely fashion. Not only is hailing a cab from the airport time effective, it can also save you some cash.

Are You on Holiday?

After months of hammering away in the office on important files and stressing over your children and bills, the last thing you want is to experience more stress while on holiday. For these cases where you want to unwind, a car hire firm can bring the stress to a halt and let you kick back and enjoy your time on holiday. You never know, you might even discover new and interesting sights or visit one of the quaint and secluded villages. With many of these taxi firms, one of the biggest advantages is how a handful of them are willing to drop you off and pick you up at the airport for free if you have paid for the taxi for more than a week. Another one of the advantages of taking a longer holiday is how it lets you explore at a more leisurely pace. In general, you can expect the service to cost anywhere from £30 to £35 per day. However, the price varies based on the length of the rental and the type of vehicle you choose.

How Do You Choose a Taxi Company?

Before you go out and hire one, however, you shouldn’t hire a taxi firm without a little thinking in the process. You want a reputable firm that cares about its customers. Many times you can either dial them up by telephone or have a hotel book through the taxi firm for you. They understand travellers and people on holiday, so they will want to give you a good referral through a solid company for their own sake. You can also use a designated taxi rank dotted around the city, but it will usually be close by and also near train and bus stations.

Words to the Wise: Choosing a Taxi

In general, never use an unlicensed taxi or a minicab as these can be a deadly choice. This especially becomes true after you have had a night out with your mates and are headed back to the hotel in a pub or club district. Licensed taxis (black Cabs) will have a display plaque on the rear of their vehicle, drivers can produce their ID upon request from the passengers, and the license will contain the photograph of the driver, his license number and the expiration date. Whenever you have an inkling of a doubt about a taxi driver, don’t hop in the back seat of the cab. It isn’t worth the risk.

What to Check

Before you ever decide to hire a taxi in Chester, you should first check to see that they carry insurance. Look carefully at the insurance policy. For example, does the insurance provider have a policy as EU for European countries? Unfortunately, this acts as a third party insurance, and in some cases, it can be inadequate with covering all the costs of an accident should one occur. In most cases, the more insurance you have bought, the better off you will be. If you have chosen a hire car, snap pictures of it before you begin your journey, and you will want to take pictures after you have finished with your holiday and returned the vehicle. It might sound like an over-the-top gesture, but you can save yourself so much trouble later by doing this. If you should have problems with the company saying the car was damaged, you have evidence in court to show the judge.

What Happens if an Accident Occurs?

Should an accident take place, you should understand what to do in this event. For example, ask for a written estimate of the repairs and keep it as evidence. Next, you will call the hire company and ask them on how to best proceed with the cost of repairs.

Other Notes to Carefully Understand

If you want to avoid being charged extra, you should return the car on time. As the final form comes up, ask for a copy of it. In this way, the company cannot try to charge you extra later. They can, but it will ultimately not hold its weight in the court of law. Whenever you review the contract, be sure you check for the hidden fees. Some of the hidden fees that you might not be aware of include:

  • Mileage
  • Taxes
  • Child seats
  • Airport surcharges
  • Licensing fees

Should You Choose a Taxi Firm Online?

You do have a few advantages to choosing a taxi online in Chester over the other option. For example, you can check the prices in advance through email or through the website or taxi app. Second, you don’t have to wait in long lines to learn simple information. Third, when you do business in the online realm, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with a known business in Chester. The ones that are less reputable generally won’t post their information online in this way. The convenience of checking with a taxi firm online permeates throughout the business. It saves you time so that you can focus on more important tasks like planning what you want to do while on holiday in Chester.

Look for trade bodies or associations to help with finding a taxi firm. Some of these trade bodies include:

  • The National Taxi Association
  • The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association
  • The Licensed Private Hire Car Association
  • The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association
  • Chester County Council

Maybe you live in Chester, and you want to use a taxi to get back and forth from work. This is a valid reason to use one of them. Over time, the taxi firms gets to know the journeys you take, and they will understand any needs you might have. You can also set up an account, which keeps you from having to paying the cab immediately because it will be settled at a later date. Finally, do check that the company has insurance, and they have registered with an appropriate association.


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