Liverpool Airport Drop Off & Pick Up Areas

Liverpool John Lennon Airport provides two options for drop off and pick up areas.

Two Types of Parking:

  • Express Drop Off & Pick Up: For drivers who wish to stop and drop off or collect passengers, close to the terminal building. There are covered waiting areas for passengers as well as pay on exit technology, where drivers can pay by cash or card without having to leave their vehicle.
  • Drop Off 2: For drivers who wish to drop off or collect passengers free of charge, a short walk from the terminal building. The free period in this car park is up to 40 minutes, allowing passengers plenty of time to make the short walk to and from the terminal should they wish to accompany passengers, and still park free of charge.

There is also Multi Storey Car parks for anything over 40 minutes.

Liverpool Airport Drop Off & Pick Up Areas - Chester Taxi Service


Liverpool Airport Express Drop Off / Pick Up

Express drop off and pick up area is located opposite the terminal and is the closest of all parking options. It has to be payed for on exit.

Approach the airport as normal, but follow the signs for Express Drop Off, turning left at the roundabout.



Duration Tariff
Up to 20 mins £3
Up to 1 Hour £10
Up to 2 Hours £20


Liverpool Airport Drop Off 2

The Drop Off 2 car park is a short distance away from the terminal, but no more than a 10 minute walk. It’s a convenient option for those who are being dropped off or picked up and would like to take up on the free parking for up to 40 minutes. Spaces cannot be reserved in the Drop Off 2.

Approach the airport as normal, but get into the right hand lane and turn right at the roundabout. Drop off 2 is signposted on the approach road overhead gantry and is 400 metres from the terminal next to Car Hire and Cheap Parking car parks. There is pedestrian access and it takes approximately 8 minutes to walk to the terminal building.



Duration Tariff
Up to 40 Minutes Free
1 Hour £8
2 Hours £10


A ‘Red Route’ no stopping zone is in operation at Liverpool John Lennon Airport to ensure the safety and security of everyone visiting the airport. The Red Route no stopping zone is clearly marked by double red lines and signage on the carriageway. It is a parking offence to stop on the Red Route no stopping zone.

All standard tariffs apply to airport transfer taxis and shuttle bus operators wishing to use the Express Drop Off & Pick Up and Drop off 2 car parking areas.

The distance from Chester to Liverpool Airport via the M56 is 24.0 miles (35 min ) and 30.7 miles via the M53 (1 h 4 min).


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