Liverpool John Lennon Airport Guide

Liverpool John Lennon Airport was previously known as the Speke Airport. It is found next to the River Mersey estuary. This airport is 12 km southeast of central Liverpool. It has grown to become among one of the busiest airports in Europe. Passengers have grown from just 875,000 in 1998 to over 5 million in the recent past. To keep up with the growing demand for this airport, parking facilities have been expanded. This has been made possible by the construction of a multi-storey car park.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Guide and Taxi Transfer


Shops at Liverpool Airport

While shopping at the Liverpool John Lennon airport shops, you will be spoilt for choice. You can purchase fragrances, clothes, cosmetic products, and much more. Some of the brands that operate at this airport are World Duty-Free, WHSmith, JD Sports, Obey Your Body, and many others. Whatever you need, you can always find it at the airport’s shops.

Restaurants at Liverpool Airport

Whatever meal you fancy, you can find it at one of the many restaurants at the airport. Some of the brands that operate at this airport include Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, and The Estuary Bar &Grill. You can grab a coffee or have a more wholesome meal at one of the many restaurants in this airport.

Airport Baggage Rules

The airlines have their own policies about how much they will allow you to bring on the flight. Please check with your airline and or your ticket information.

An Extra Shopping Bag

After you get through security, you can shop tax-free in the wide selection of shops. When you shop at the airport, you are allowed to take a standard size shopping with you on the flight in addition to the hand luggage.

For any items that are bigger than the hand luggage, you have to check them into the aircraft hold. Each airline will have its own policy about the size and the weight of each item. Check directly with your airline since they revise the policies quite often.

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Liverpool Airport Security

To ensure that you get through the security checkpoints as fast as possible, you should take off your hat, belts, scarves, boots, or heeled shoes before you get to the front of the queue. You should also ensure that all your liquids are in 100ml containers and that they are kept separate from your other luggage. The containers should be placed in clear 20×20 cm re-sealable bags. The plastic bags can be bought at the vending machines near the security area; four bags cost £1.

Specifications for Milk, Baby Food, Medications, and Other Liquids

There are strict restrictions on the liquids that can pass through the security area. Always ensure that you place liquids in a hold baggage. Passengers are allowed to carry minute quantities of liquid in small containers that should not exceed 100ml capacity. The containers must all be placed in one re-sealable bag. The maximum amount allowed in each bag is 1 litre. Passengers can only carry one transparent bag with them.

Liquids apply to gels, and aerosols such as pastes deodorant, canned food, foundation, perfume, makeup, and mascara. E-cigarettes are also permitted on board. However, that is limited to one per passenger.


Essential medication is permitted in quantities more than 100ml but will have to be authenticated. The medication must contain a subscription label that shows the passenger’s name.

Milk and Baby Food

While flying, you are allowed to come with as much food as you feel necessary for your baby. However, the food may be opened for testing at the security checkpoints. However, the baby must be present with you for baby food to be allowed onto the flight. It means that you are travelling in a group, the person holding the baby must also be holding the baby food.

Save Time at Liverpool Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport understands how stressful it can be to stand in the security line. If you would like to avoid standing in the long queues, they have a solution for you. This is done via the Fast Track security ticket. A quick and simple method allows you to skip all the hassle of the security queues.

About the Fast Track Ticket

The ticket is designed to cut down the amount of time that you spend queuing at the airport. It gives you more time to relax and enjoy your stay at the airport. You can even use the extra time for some shopping or a snack before the flight starts.

The ticket is available to all passengers with prices starting at £4 per passenger if you book online. If you choose the walk-up option, you will have to pay £5.

However, passengers must arrive at the departure gate at the right time as stated by the airline. Liverpool John Lennon Airport will not be held responsible for any delays that arise because of passengers who do not leave enough time for security checks and check-in. You should be at the airport at least two hours before departure.

The Fast Track ticket does not guarantee you will not queue at all during the peak hours. However, your queue will be much shorter than other passengers at the airport.

The Security Scanner

The scanner was installed in accordance with the UK Department for Transport regulations. A non-invasive body scanner is aimed at making the airport secure. Various tests on the technology have shown that these scanners do not pose a risk to human health.


Liverpool Airport Parking

If you pre-book your parking, you can save up to 70%. No matter how long you want your car to remain in the parking spot, the airport will help you save quite a bit of money. The airport also provides two options for drop off and pick up areas.

Special Assistance

At the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, passengers with a wide range of needs that may need some assistance are welcome. The airport is committed to making their transit through the airport as flawless as possible.

Always Pre-book for Special Assistance

Passengers that may need special assistance are required to book via their airline at least 48 hours before the flight. The airline will then send the notification to the airport. When a passenger does not book in advance, it can affect the efficiency of the assistance they receive. The assistance will still be given, but it will obviously take longer since no prior plans were made.

The Staff Are Specially Trained

The staff that offers special assistance at the airport undergo training on how to handle any passenger issues. They are also well-trained on moving any equipment that persons with a disability may need to use.

Call Points

At the airport, there are thirty-four call points, which connect directly to the assistance desk. This will allow you to make a plea for help and explain the nature of your needs. They are quite easy to identify since they are a big yellow box with an orange button. All call points are labelled ‘Help Point.’

Special Assistance Services offered

At Liverpool John Lennon Airport, assistance is offered to:

  • Those that can walk up and down the stairs and within the aircraft but need a wheelchair or other device to move between the terminal and the aircraft, inside the terminal, and between departure and arrival points.
  • Passengers who cannot walk up or down the stairs but can walk inside the cabin and need an aircraft to move from the aircraft to the terminal, inside the terminal, and between departure and arrival points.
  • Passengers that require assistance for mobility such as getting in and out of the aircraft seat using an aisle chair.
  • Blind or visually impaired passengers
  • Deaf and dumb passengers
  • Passengers that need assistance and guidance to get to the aircraft
  • Passengers that have a temporary injury such as a broken leg
  • Passengers that have hidden disabilities such as autism or ASD, the airport will offer you an Autism Awareness Voucher, which will make it easier for you to get through security.

Equipment and Facilities for People with special Needs

There are ambulifts, which are designed to help passengers get to their aircraft if they require the assistance of a wheelchair to get around.

There are special toilets for people with disabilities. Additionally, there are low-level telephones for those that need them.


Transportation to and From the Airport


The airport is well connected to the area via taxi transportation. The taxis range from standard taxis to minibuses. The taxi fares are metered and they adhere to the standards of the Liverpool County Council. However, the minicabs set their own rates based on mileage. When you agree to use a minicab, you should agree on the fee prior to the journey.

When arranging the collection or drop off points, there are two car parks where you can meet the driver; you will either use the Express Drop Off, which has a £2 fee up to 20 minutes or the Drop Off 2 which is free for up to 20 minutes.

In case you are going to be delayed, you should take the contact number of the cab driver. Most airport transfer taxi companies will offer you a grace period of 45 minutes before they depart. The journey from the airport to the city centre should only take about 20 minutes. It will cost you about £15 to £25.

The Distance from Liverpool Airport to Chester via the M56 is 24.0 miles (35 min ) and 30.7 miles via the M53 (1 h 4 min).

How to Get a Taxi

One of the easiest methods of accessing a taxi is making an online booking. You will find a hackney taxi rank outside the terminal entrance of the airport. Only licensed cabs operate at the rank.

Car Hire Services

Six of the top car hires firms in the world operate at the airport. The car hire area is located close to the arrival area. You can book your car upon arrival. However, it is recommended that you pre-book. It reduces the chances of missing your preferred model.

Airport Car Hire Tips

Most companies will only hire cars out to drivers over the age of 21. However, they are a few that do hire cars to drivers as young as 19. If you are planning to use a car hire, there are some extra charges you will incur.

For instance, you will get an airport surcharge. The company incurs this charge from running an office at the airport. Additionally, if you are below 25 years, you will have to pay a young driver surcharge. The reason for this is that they consider any driver below 25 years to be a high-risk driver.

Other charges are the fuel charge. However, you can avoid this charge if you return the car with a full tank of gas. There is also the car hire excess charge. You incur this charge if the car is damaged. The charge can be as high as £2000. These charges can be avoided if you purchase insurance. There is also a late charge, which can be avoided if you return the car in good time.


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