New Direct Train Service Between Leeds and Chester

Northern has recently unveiled an exciting new addition to their offerings – a direct train service between Leeds and Chester. This significant development promises to boost connectivity and transform the journey experiences for passengers travelling between these two popular cities.

New Direct Train Service Between Leeds and Chester - Chester Taxi Services

Route and Timetable

The new Leeds-Chester route will operate six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, with an additional Sunday service planned. The direct service avoids detours via Manchester, thus significantly reducing travel time. It’s a significant step towards offering flexibility to regular commuters, business travellers, tourists and day trippers.

  • The weekday schedule sees the first train leaving Leeds at 06:30, followed by regular services until the last train at 18:30.
  • Saturday services run on a slightly different timetable, starting at 07:30 and ending at 19:30.
  • The first Sunday train departs Leeds at 08:00, with services continuing until 20:00.

Bradford Stopover

An added perk to this new direct service is the stopover at Bradford. This breaks up the journey for those travelling the entire route and opens up easy accessibility between Bradford, Leeds, and Chester, encouraging inter-city travel and trade.

Benefits of the Direct Service

The new service offers many benefits, mainly because travellers can now avoid the time-consuming process of changing trains. With the direct link, the journey time is set to reduce, providing a hassle-free and more efficient journey.

Furthermore, this will substantially impact the local economies, encouraging tourism and making commuting for work a more viable option. Tourists will be able to explore the rich heritage of Chester and the vibrant culture of Leeds more easily.

Northern’s new direct train service between Leeds and Chester signals a promising era of connectivity and convenience. It’s time to rediscover these cities in a whole new light. Whether planning a weekend getaway, a business trip or visiting friends and family, remember to hop aboard this new service for a comfortable and seamless journey.

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