Spending A Rainy Day In Chester

Even when the skies are dark and cloudy with rain coming down, you can have a lot of fun in Chester. Below are some excellent ideas for how to spend your time until the sun begins to shine.

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Rainy Day Activities in Chester

1. Grosvenor Museum

The museum is filled with the heritage, culture and art of Chester. The exhibits will even engage your children. There are Roman artefacts for your own little gladiators, a natural history room with tons of stuffed animals and colouring and a period house offering rooms decorated in a nice variety of period styles. Your kids will have fun trying on all of the costumes and enjoying the activities.

During the holidays, there are drop-in activities based on some of the museum exhibits. All of the activities and admission to the museum are free. The museum was named after Grosvenor Shopping Centre. You cake a short walk after visiting the museum to have some fun shopping or stop by Wesley centre for some cake and a hot cup of tea. Your kids can have a lunchbox then enjoy the play area.

2. The Ice Cream Farm

This is an ideal destination if you desire adult conversation. Have a soothing hot drink and relax while your kids enjoy playing in the sand and water at the indoor play barn. Once the sun peeks through, there are fun outdoor attractions as well. Vicars Cross offers the Twirl of Hay and soft play for the kids. Stop by the Rake by Cheshire Oaks for a delicious meal or a drink while the kids play.

3. The Blue Planet Aquarium

The attractions at the aquarium are fun for the entire family. Spend a rainy day enjoying the fish, crustaceans, arachnids and amphibians. Not only will your kids have a good time but they will also learn some interesting facts about life in the sea.

4. Jodrell Bank Observatory

The Lovell Telescope is an iconic landmark your children will love. Visit the Planet Pavillion to learn all about the solar system and the universe. The Space Pavillion offers interactive features so your whole family can get involved.

5. The Local Library

Your local library opens up new worlds for your children with an exceptional selection of books. The books will appear magical simply because they are different from the ones you have at home. Your kids will be entertained for hours with a variety of jigsaws and toys. Some of the libraries offer events all year long through the school holidays such as story and rhyme sessions.

While you are there, choose a couple of DVDs to take home for entertainment that will last for the rest of the day. During the summer holidays, there is also a Summer Reading Challenge. Your children will be offered rewards such as stickers just for visiting the library. There are special events too like cookery and craft sessions. The Summer Reading Challenge and Borrowing books are both free.

6. Vue Cinema

Take a ride to the Vue Cinema. Every day during the holidays and in the mornings on the weekends, the theatre shows children’s films. Grab some popcorn for the kids while you sit back and relax while your kids are riveted to the big screen.

7. Tatton Park</h3?

You will discover the home of the Egerton family in the centre of Tatton Park. This eighteenth-century home is filled with more than 10,000 items. You can spend your day looking at all of the displays. There are some excellent options for refreshments right on the grounds including Strables cafe.

8. The Cheshire Workshops

Your kids have a lot of options here including a drop-in art session, creating sand art, painting a pot and making a candle or a magnet. If the rain stops, they can run around the playground. You can enjoy the workshop activities every day from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. If the sun does start to shine, take the time to go to Beeson Castle.

9. The Hat Works Museum

Your children will be taken on a trip through Stockport’s hatting industry. This industry once thrived and is unique to the United Kingdom. This is a great excursion for future fashionistas to find inspiration from fabulous hats.

10. Topsy Tumbles

You will find these sessions all through the week at different leisure centres. The indoor playground offers climbing fences, a bouncy castle, a wide assortment of toys, soft play, trikes and balls. Most sessions are available throughout the holidays. Since most kids love the rain, they can put on waterproofs and wellies once you return home for some fun jumping in the puddles.

11. The Spotty Pig

Your kids will have their choice of what they want to paint here such as a plate or a mug. The Spotty Pig closes on Mondays but you can still head to Ellesmere Port and Charley’s Ceramics. Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea while you kids are involved in the activities.

Once you are in Ellesmere Port, visit the National Waterways Museum. There are a lot of nautical items to see including a lot of boats. Your kids will have fun in the soft play area before you take an exciting thirty-minute canal boating trip in Centaur.

12. Altrincham Market

The Altrincham Market has been recently refurbished. This is a nice way to spend a rainy day. Every Sunday, there is a themed market always offering something new. Look for bargains from the local businessmen and producers.

13. Underwater Street

This is an attraction created to engage the imaginations of young children. Your kids will enjoy the building site, crafts, a reading wigwam, a sensory zone, imaginative play at a street filled with shops, a physical zone with a climbing wall, science, water play and a lot more. The new location is even bigger than before.

14. Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

Escape the rain with a variety of crafting sessions, activities and numerous special exhibitions. The more than 200,000 objects being displayed include archaeology, social and local history, fine art, ethnology, numismatics and natural science. There is always something here to interest the entire family.

15. Spaceport

There is no better way to escape the rain than spending the day at Spaceport and taking a Mersey Ferries cruise. The views of Liverpool during your cruise are sensational. Finish off by exploring the space travel museum including the memorabilia exhibit from Star Wars.

16. The Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

The science museum is interactive with a focus on chemistry and its uses for life every day. The Alchemy Theatre runs educational films. There are also holiday and family workshops available.

17. National Trust Properties

Chirk Castle and Speke Hall provide your kids with ancient buildings they can explore. Quarry Bank Mill is another good place to visit when rain is falling.

18. The Lady Lever Gallery

The basement has family rooms with books, fancy dress, art supplies and puppets. Visit during the holidays for crafts, dance, performance and messy play. There is no charge to enter the gallery.

19. The Silk Museum

This is an old art school celebrating the industrial heritage of the town. Your family will learn about the properties of silk, the process of making silk and be educated through the various temporary and permanent exhibitions.

20. Techniquest

Techniquest was created for kids interested in science. There are hands-on science fun events, monthly Toddler Days and engaging interactive exhibits.

21. The Potters Barn

This is the place to be for hands-on fun. The family can create and decorate their own pottery. You can try the potter’s wheel but it is much harder than it looks.

22. Norton Priory

Norton Priory is an excellent location for the entire family. When the weather is good, there is a lot of room for your children to run. When the rain begins, you can enjoy regular craft activities.

23. Just Get Wet

When the rain just will not stop, get properly wet and take the family swimming.

Rainy Days Activity Map

We created a map of our rainy day activities.



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