Take A Black Cab Or Registered Taxi – Not UBER

It goes without saying that the world around us is constantly changing. With all of the new and exciting technology that is now coming about, it is only natural that some of the changes leave many standards in our lives to the wayside. Even if you are a huge fan of technology and getting something right when you want it, there is something to be said about enjoying the way that things used to be. When it comes to your transportation needs, you just might find that there are plenty advantages that come along with taking a registered taxi or a black cab over calling an Uber.

Many of us have been there. You want to have access to easy transportation, so instead of going through the process of dealing with a taxi service, you try your hand at the point and click while using Ubers app. There are many people today that are using Uber just because they feel that it is truly the most cost effective and convenient way to get from one location to the next. But is this actually the case?

Chester Taxi Black Cabs

If you have lived in Chester for a while, chances are you have grown quite fond of the black cab or the modern version of it. Why wouldn’t you? How many times have you been waiting for transportation and you notice that familiar, friendly vehicle that is driving towards you? When you are on your way to work in a hurry, or you want to get home after a night out with friends, there is no feeling that is better than getting into a black cab.

When you stop to think about it, there is also a great deal to be said about getting a chance to hail recognisable city transportation that you know is going to be dependable, knowledgeable and safe. This is something that is going to ring true with everyone in Chester and not just because it is something that works to keep the tourists happy when they are in the region.

Why would you ever want to choose an Uber over a professional black cab? Maybe you think that it is best to go the way of Uber simply because they make life easier where you can hop on the app and book a car to come to your location whenever you need it. It could also be that you feel as though you are missing out on a trend when you do not use Uber to take you where you need to go. What you should know is that you can use technology for booking a black cab as well, as this is a technology that was around far earlier than you ever downloaded your Uber app for the very first time.

While it may be cheaper to take a bus where you need to go, and regardless of the trends, there are several things that only a black cab will do when it comes to you getting around Chester.


1. Some of the most sophisticated technology in the world.

Smartphone can run flat, or you may have a difficult time when you try to hook up to your GPS. There can also be issues when you are looking to get information from satellite navigation. However, the knowledge that comes from the human mind is something that will never falter. You should know that the testing involved to become a driver for a black cab is very intensive, which makes this a viable, dependable option whenever you need a ride.

It takes to seconds to call Chester Taxis ( our app is on the way too ) rather then wandering about trying to find a wifi signal or GPS on phone to connect.


2. You will never get lost when you go with a black cab for transportation.

Regardless of where you are and where you need to be, there is someone working for a taxi company in Chester who knows how to get there and the best way to get you where you need to go in a safe and efficient manner, instead of having to try to refresh your maps application over and over again while trying to work with the competition.


3. Enjoy that sense of security.

This is a constant, a type of institution all across the country from London to Chester. As a form of transportation, there is very little else that compares when it comes to comfort, dependability, style, pricing, and overall value.


4. Have fun when you go out.

Are you going to be heading out for dinner with a group of friends? Will you be taking the family out for a while when they are in town? Using a black cab is a nice way to get to where you need to go while keeping your group altogether. There are also minibus cabs and crucially wheelchair accessible taxi cabs, try finding one of those on Uber.


5. Just right for an emergency ride at the last minute.

There can be any number of reasons why someone may want a taxi in Chester. You could have found yourself in need of a quick clothes change, or you have a young child, and you need a quiet place to breastfeed. Maybe you have to make your way to a nearby hospital to see a friend or loved one that has been admitted. No matter what the situation may be, you can get a licensed taxi almost immediately, and you don’t need to explain directions or hope they take the fastest route.

Did you know that black taxi cabs are the only vehicles that are legally allowed to be able to speed through the bus lane in emergency situations? This makes for perfect transportation when you are in a crisis.


6. Great for conversation.

If there is something that many taxi cab drivers are known for, it is the great conversation. Whenever you want to engage with them, they are more than likely going to give you a smile and lend an ear. Even if you don’t want to do anything but make small talk, you would not believe the kinds of stories that these professional drivers will have to tell you.


7. Do you want to change your mind at the last minute? No problem!

The nice thing about going with a taxi, is that you never have to stick to specific routes and stops. Any last minute change in your plans will be easy enough for the driver to adapt. You are on a meter and the taxi is your for the duration, not the Uber drivers course.


8. See the city better than ever before.

Not only will you find that a taxi is nice when you are an out of towner, but there are also many locals that swear by seeing the sights with this mode of transportation. Rule of thumb is your standard taxi or 8 seater minibus taxi is cheaper then the sightseeing buses.


9. Not your standard vehicle.

When you call on a licensed black taxi, you are requesting a ride in a vehicle that can take on anything that you throw its way. Maybe you have children travelling with you, or you are in need of space for your guide dog. Whether you have luggage with you, a pram, a wheelchair, or band equipment, these are some of the most spacious vehicles on the road for public transportation. You will never have to worry that the Uber driver picking you up will not have room for whatever you need to bring along with you.

Now that you know some of the reasons why choosing a taxi can be better than going with an Uber, did you also know that many of the Uber drivers complain about the very service they provide? It is not all that uncommon to hear of Uber drivers talking about how there are too many of the drivers on the roads now, or that there are many drivers that are simply crooked or low quality. The drivers are just regular people and can lack knowledge and driving expertise to safely handle the sheer amount of passengers that they receive on a regular basis.

Did you also know that there are stolen Uber accounts out there around London today? What this could mean for you is not knowing exactly who is picking you up. There are also a lot of drivers that recognise the real flaws in how the system works. There are many known glitches that make it difficult for the drivers always to have a way of seeing exactly where the customer would like to go, even after they have taken the time to put the destination in on their end.

When you hire a black cab, you are taking all of the guesswork out of the situation, as you know you are getting professional drivers and vehicles that are properly maintained. Will you be needed a dependable airport transfer for your entire family, including all of your luggage? You can count on a driver being there with plenty of room for all of you while also guaranteeing that you will be greeted with a smile.

Additionally, all of the black cab vehicles maintained meticulously so that they are clean and ready to go for the next customer that is in need of a ride. When it comes to ultimate safety and peace of mind that you will be able to get where you need to go without a hitch, there is nothing quite like going with a black cab service over an Uber. With the online taxi booking system, you can select the payment type, your location, the destination, and even add in any other details that you feel are important for your trip. Whether you need a night out, a taxi service for a school run or shopping trip, a cab for a long journey, or a ride to the airport, the black cab can be there to offer you quality and impeccable service.


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