Taxi Tips When Travelling with Young Children

Travelling with children can be stressful and tiresome. Children often require many pieces of luggage. Between a stroller, travel crib, and car seat, you may find yourself packing more than you ever thought you could imagine.

But, how do you travel safely with your child once you get to your destination? Regardless of any laws your destination may have, all children under 8 years old should be in some form of booster or car seat to safely ride in any vehicle. This means that you may have some planning to do before placing your child in a taxi while on vacation.

Taxi Tips when travelling with children - Chester Taxi Service

Tips for safely travelling with your child in a taxi:

Plan Ahead

Research the destination you are going to determine the main mode of public transportation. You will want to know from the start if you will even be taking a taxi. Some countries primarily use buses or rail systems. If this is the case, you may have different seat requirements all-together.

Call the Taxi Service

Some taxi services will send a car with a seat already installed. If this is a possibility, it could eliminate the need for you to travel with a seat.

It may take a little longer for a taxi with a proper seat to come and pick you up so plan for that. On the other hand, installing your own seat in a taxi also takes time. We have found that the time constraints are similar. However, it is much less stressful to have a car arrive with a seat already installed than having to do it yourself.

Know your Child’s Age and Weight Requirements

Although child seat laws in different countries vary, it does not mean that safety varies. Know what type of seat that your child should be in to that you can ensure they are safe wherever they travel.

Research Local Laws

In many places, taxi’s are exempt from car seat laws. However, this does not mean that it is a safe choice for your child. It is best to do whatever you can to ensure your child is in an age and weight appropriate seat.

On the other hand, a country you are travelling to may have even tighter laws and restrictions than you are used to. For this reason, you will want to check what the laws are wherever you are visiting. This will help you avoid any unnecessary difficulties or fines from placing your child in an unsafe seat.

Take Your Time

Doing just about anything with children takes longer than it does without. Simply going outside for a walk can suddenly turn into a huge event when you are faces with bundling up a toddler.

Travelling in a taxi with your little one is no different. You will want to make sure you plan plenty of extra time to get to your destination. If you are installing a car seat, you will need time to ensure it is properly installed in the taxi. Even if you need a simple booster seat, it is likely going to take you longer that without.

Running late can add additional stress to the situation, and may cause you to overlook parts of the car seat installation. Plan for extra time so that you will feel more at ease and can take your time to properly install your child’s seat. Their safety is definitely worth every minute.

Bring a Toy

If you child is crying in the car is will not only be stressful on you but also the driver. This can be a safety issue is your driver is distracted. Ensure a pleasant ride by bringing your child’s favourite toy along or singing his favourite song.

Consider a Lighter Car Seat.

There are many different types of car seats on the market. Some are better made for travel while others are best kept in one place. Some people prefer to have a car seat that is a bit lighter to use when they are travelling. This may make transporting the seat to and from the taxi much easier.

Bring a Car Seat Carrier

There are car seat travel systems for sale that turn your car seat into one that rolls. This will make transporting your seat to and from a taxi much easier. Some even allow for the child to sit in the seat while it rolls which can eliminate your need for a stroller.

Have Small Bills for a Tip

Having little ones can be distracting! Be prepared with small bills and ready to tip your driver. This will decrease the chance of you forgetting in the hustle and bustle of transporting your children. Having small bills will make the transaction quicker and easier so your whole family can be on their way.

Using the seat belt

While every child under 8 years old should be in an age and weight appropriate seat, what happens if this is not an option? First, it is important to remember there are no safe options for children under 8 that does not involve a car seat.

However, if it is an emergency and you must ride in a taxi, putting the child in his own seat belt is safer than sharing a seat belt with an adult. Make sure the shoulder strap is on and resting on the hardest part of his chest.


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