The Chester Rum Festival

The Rum Festival was founded in 2015 by Lucy, a lover of rum cocktail. The Manchester University 2001 graduate steadily followed trends and growth of the rum market through the years while striving to quench her thirst for cocktails. She served as a regional manager at one of the largest bar in the United Kingdom. It was during this time that she explored the available flavors and rum mixing styles across the world. Discoveries on flavors and rum mixture got her more excited and curious to try out something new. Lucy resolved to taste every type of rum in communities and countries she visited. Moreover, she took it upon herself to advertise and convince people to adopt a rum consumption lifestyle.

According to the Rum Festival founder, attending Gin Festivals and Beer Festivals largely inspired the idea. She then set on a mission to create a class of rum consumers. Lucy wanted to develop a platform that bonds rum lovers. She successfully founded an event where rum drinkers can taste new cocktails, eat tasty food, listen to music, and dance in a company of like-minded people. Lucy sought help from fellow rum drinkers who identified passionate individuals in the industry, the rum’uns, that serve and educate guests. Since then, Rum Festivals have existed in various locations in the United Kingdom with an upcoming Chester Rum Festival on Saturday, 5 September 2020.

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Rum Festival

Chester Racecourse is again the destination for the 2nd Chester Rum festival in 2019. The event is a must-attend for anyone who loves fun and networking. It offers a great opportunity for individuals in various professions to interact on an informal platform and exchange contacts while dancing and eating their favourites. Food, dance, and music are primary characteristics of any Rum festival. Nothing less is expected in the upcoming event at Chester Racecourse. Guests should be prepared to taste and compare over 100 different rums at the event.

The party kicks off on arrival of a guest. At the entrance, every individual will be given a Rum Festival glass as a carry home gift. In addition to this, the Rum’uns who will be on full service of the guests. They will distribute brochures to each of the guests. The brochures contain detailed information on the various types of rum, ingredients, and facts about the respective rum suppliers. Guests will also have an opportunity to consult with the Rum’uns on suggested garnishes that complement the respective drinks. Rum’uns are well informed on different types of Rum supplied not only in the United Kingdom but across the world. Therefore, the Rum Festival will not only be an entertaining event but also educative.

As it is always the case, guests will have to purchase drink vouchers before tasting the variety of rum. All vouchers will be available at the Chester Racecourse main hall. Each of the drink vouchers cost £5. One voucher is equivalent to 100 different rums. After a guest makes payment of at least £5.00, one is at liberty of mixing and garnishing at their own choice. Usually, people make a £20 purchase which is equivalent to four entries. This unlocks access to almost all new garnish and types of rum in the festival. Buying a card of four ensures you efficiently utilise time in the festival and enjoy the day by avoiding going back to the main hall for another drink voucher.

Rum newbies are also welcome to the festival. Rum’uns role extends to recommending appropriate rum types for beginners. Besides, there will be talks from experts and seasoned professionals in the industry on trends in the Rum market and what consumers should expect. The Chester Racecourse festival intends to involve consumers through interaction with suppliers hence an opportunity to give feedback and suggestions of improving the different rum products to suit consumer needs. Bloggers will also be present to capture and air their views on progress and setbacks in the rum industry. Apart from the sharing of business ideas concerning the industry and establishing meaningful contacts, you should come expecting lots of fun. Endless dancing and live entertainment sponsored by different brand manufacturers as well as rum suppliers. Street food will also be available for guests to buy.

The Chester event is unique compared to the previous destinations. Rum Festival Cocktail Team will be present at Chester Racecourse to treat guests with the latest and tastiest rum cocktails. Attending the Chester Rum Festival is not an option this time mainly because the team will launch new cocktails at the event. The cocktails go for only £7.50 each.

The Pavilion Suite at the Chester Racecourse is a popular place for events during the weekends. Although it is easily accessible with the help of maps, visitors in the city can find it hard locating the place. Besides, Rum Festival attracts large numbers of people hence parking challenges in Chester.

Tickets for Rum Festival

Taxis to Chester Rum Festival

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