The Top 8 Hen Party Ideas In Chester

Stuck for Hen Party Ideas in Chester, don’t worry because we’ve put together a list of fun hen party ideas for you.

Hen Parties in Chester

Hen Party Weekend Ideas in Chester - Chester Taxis

1. Make Lingerie

That’s right, you can have a lingerie-making hen party. By doing this, you’ll be in for a unique night that will be filled with plenty of fun and entertainment. The way it works is you book a lingerie making party at a facility, and you can expect to spend around three hours there.

You and the rest of the party will meet your instructor and then you’ll choose the materials that will be used to make the lingerie. After this, the fun really starts because you’ll be shown what to do. Before you know it, you will have created amazing pieces of lingerie, which you can bring home with you.

By the way, after you are finished you can have a fashion show. This is when the fun really kicks in. Everyone will have a great time modelling their creations.

2. Bubble Mayhem In Chester

Bubble Mayhem is all about establishing dominance, kind of. What you’ll be doing is getting inside a giant Zorb and running into others so you can claim the title of Queen of the Ring. Your body will be encased, while your legs will remain free.

This fun package includes up to 10 girls running, bouncing and jumping into each other. The hens will also play fun games such as Bulldog, Capture the Flag and Queen of the Ring to name a few. After the event has wrapped up, you’ll be given a bottle of champagne.

This event is for groups of at least seven and the time-slots available are Monday through Sunday, from 10 in the morning to five in the afternoon.

3. Hit Up The Recording Studio

There are a number of recording studios in Chester. Why not book a recording session at one of them? In fact, you can get a package designed for hen parties.

You and the girls will love letting your hair down while creating music. You’ll step inside a professional recording studio and belt out tunes as if you were a real musician. Whether the girls want to sing solo or you guys want to create music as a group, you’ll be able to do it.

The session lasts for three hours. Upon arrival your party will be greeted by a host and a professional mixer. You’ll select what backing tracks you want to sing along with and then you’re good to go. After you’re done recording, you can listen to what you created.

4. Butler In The Buff

If you want to add some spice to the night, then hire a butler in the buff. This is exactly what it sounds like: a lad that is nearly naked and acting as a butler/waiter. However, you need to already have a venue booked or you can have the butler in the buff come to a house where the hen party is being held.

If you wish, you can request games to be played. The hen party is guaranteed to become rowdy and more fun when games are introduced. On that note, hire 2-3 butlers in total to really spruce up the night.

The butlers will stay at the venue for two hours. If you want them to stay around for longer than that, make sure to include that in the details when you are booking everything.

5. Murder Mystery Dinner

A good hens party idea in Chester is a murder mystery dinner. For three hours, you and your hen party will be entertained by a group of actors who will have all of you wondering “who did it?”

Throughout the duration of the event, you’ll enjoy playing various games and the chance to win a great prizes. You’ll also be treated to a delicious three course meal. The night will be memorable, but do feel free to check out the Chester nightlife after you solve the murder.

6. Whitewater Rafting

There are numerous of places in Chester that have whitewater rafting along the River Dee. Hen parties don’t have to be cliche, which is exactly why you should do whitewater rafting. Nothing will get the adrenaline an excitement going like whitewater rafting.

You’ll begin the day by meeting the instructors, who will give you a safety brief. You’ll be kitted up and then split into groups. This is when the fun really starts happening because the next thing you’ll do is get into the rafts and hit the waters. After a few hours of being out on the water, you can grab dinner at one of the many restaurants in Chester.

7. An Escape Room

Book an escape room in Chester for your hens night out, if you’re looking for adventure, a challenge or if you want something unique to do. The hen party will be briefed before they enter the room, which is where you’ll have to work together to solve a series of puzzles. You have a total of 60 minutes to escape the room, otherwise it’s game over.

Here’s a tip, research different themed escape rooms in Chester. Choose the theme you think is the most fun and then have a hens party at home, a hotel or a different venue but have the theme of the party the same as the escape room.

8. Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing lessons is a great way to make sure the hens party is remembered for a longtime to come. Experienced instructors will show you and the rest of the hens how to work a pole. Don’t worry about hiring out a venue because a private venue is included. Expect your pole dancing lesson to go by fast and expect inappropriate comments to be made, but in a lighthearted way.

Those are our top hen party ideas in Chester. The only thing you have to do now is decide which idea to go with and book accommodation for your hen party. Feel free to choose several to do in one night. Good luck and have fun when you make a decision.

Getting Around Chester

Chester Taxi Services has got your hen party taxis covered (we have years of experience ), however there are plenty of taxis in Chester and they can either be booked via your hotel or grab one at a selection of taxis ranks that cover Chester. For larger hen parties you may want to think about pre-booking minibus taxis for your weekend. The hop on hop off bus is great to orientate your self around the city and cover most of the cities main attractions.


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