Things to Do on a Long Weekend Break in Chester

The city of Chester is the perfect place to find a mixture of modern culture and history, located in the heart of England.

It was established near the River Dee and the border of Wales, and what began as a Roman fortress has now become a city with a seemingly endless list of events, activities, restaurants, and attractions.

A long weekend trip to Chester provides the perfect opportunity to explore what the city has to offer, and there are many so options for things to do. Whether you prefer shopping to museums, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love in Chester.

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Historical Attractions in Chester

One of the reasons why many tourists come to Chester is because of the rich history of the city. If you’re interested in exploring some history during your weekend trip, there are plenty of options.

The Roman Walls

The Roman walls of Chester serve as a reminder of the ancient fortress that used to occupy the city. Tourists are able to visit the 2000-year old Roman Amphitheatre, in addition to the bathhouses and officer’s quarters, and entry is free during daytime hours. The Museum of Roman Finds displays a selection of Roman antiques if you’re interested in seeing more. For an interactive historical experience, the Chester’s Fort Adventure offers a role play tour of the site.

Eastgate Clock

If you’re searching for even more history to experience, look no further. The Eastgate Clock is located at the site of the fortress’ original entrance, called the Deva Victrix. It dates back all the way to the late 18th century, and the clock was eventually added in later on. Visitors can enjoy a walk along the city high line, and it is a truly perfect place to explore.

The Chester Canal

Chester is known for its variety of attractions, but the city’s natural beauty also draws in visitors. Alongside the Chester Canal is a great spot to relax and enjoy the view, and you can also rent your own boat for a holiday. If you’re looking to spend a laidback weekend in Chester, a trip to the canal might be perfect for you.

Attractions and Museums in Chester

The city of Chester is home to so many various attractions that visitors enjoy. There’s something for everyone of all interests and ages.

Chester Zoo

The Chester Zoo is the ideal place to visit for families or animal lovers of any age. It features a variety of 20,000 animals representing 500 different species from all over the world, spread throughout the 125-acre grounds. But the zoo includes more than just creatures – there is also a wide variety of food options, coffee shops, and an ice cream parlor.

Blue Planet Aquarium

If you prefer marine life to zoo animals, the Blue Planet Aquarium is a great attraction for you. It hosts Europe’s largest collection of sharks, as well as an endless variety of other aquatic species. It proves to be equally exciting for both children and adults, and you’ll enjoy dining at the aquarium’s Nautilus Kitchen seafood restaurant. Whether you’re viewing the Caiman Crocodiles or the Coral Cave, you’ll surely see why this is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Chester.

The Governor Museum

If you’re interested in exploring an interesting museum, the Governor’s Museum will not let you down. It includes several art exhibits from various time periods and different genres, including paintings, textiles, pottery, and more. The museum offers guided tours and programs for those who prefer not to wander independently.

Chester Cathedral and Falconry & Nature Gardens

Chester is home to many attractions and historical landmarks, but the most prominent may be the Chester Cathedral. History lovers will enjoy a visit to the cathedral, and it’s truly a breathtaking sight. The stained glass windows and cathedral galleries are always impressive to anyone who visits.

If you’re looking for attractions that will give you a unique experience, the Chester Falconry & Nature Gardens is a great place to visit. Guests are introduced to many different species of birds, and it’s located in the beautiful cathedral grounds.

Escapism Chester

Escape rooms have become popular in recent years; it’s an exciting challenge that people of all ages enjoy. Escapism Chester allows visitors to test their problem-solving abilities by searching for clues, and each room has a specific theme. Everyone is given one hour to figure out the puzzle and escape. This is a great choice for anyone who loves a challenge.

Shopping in Chester

If your idea of the perfect weekend getaway includes shopping opportunities, Chester will not disappoint. The city offers everything from boutiques to chain stores and high street brands and the Grosvenor shopping centre is a treat.

The Rows – a neighborhood populated with black and white buildings – are home to a huge variety of shops. You’ll surely enjoy shopping for gifts, fashion, accessories, and more.

The city of Chester clearly has so much to offer to visitors, and it’s easy to see why tourists love it. The charming city is known for its abundance of historical experiences and landmarks, but there is so much more than that. With unique shopping opportunities, a great aquarium, museums and more, there’s so much to experience in Chester. It’s the perfect city to spend a romantic weekend, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy it.

Getting Around Chester

The are plenty of taxis in Chester and they can either be booked via your hotel or grab one at a selection of taxis ranks that dot Chester. The hop on hop off bus is great to orientate your self around the city and cover most of the cities main attractions.


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