To See and Do at the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show

If you enjoy horses and are searching for a fantastic day out in Chester then the famous Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show will not disappoint you. It is where you will find the leading names in show jumping and dressage. The event set in a stunning location is where the spectators can enjoy the sights and the whole show while eating delectable foods. Guests are also guaranteed to enjoy high-end hospitality

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What is the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show?

This particular event is for people who are huge fans of world-class dressage and show jumping, along with dining and shopping. It is the place to be for anyone who wants to witness one of the most lavish and sophisticated equestrian hospitality experiences across the world. The luxurious marquee that overlooks the international arena is just among the things that make it a unique event.

Last year, the event took place from the 14th to the 18th of June. This year, the show will commence on the 13th up to the 17th of the same month. It will be held at the same spectacular grounds of Bolesworth Castle, which is just close to Tattenhall, Chester.

For five days, the show will offer the guests an exceptional encounter that displays real talents in top-level show jumping as well as dressage, combined with great shopping. The new addition of thrilling water sports that will be carried out on the lake make this horseshow a genuine source of entertainment, not only for the adults but also for the young kids.

The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show is one of the leading events in the summer in Cheshire. The event is a premier sporting experience coupled with the opportunity to socialise with other people.

Cocktails and champagne are all available for the attendees to enjoy, along with lavish shopping and nonstop entertainment for five solid days.

Top Events to Look Out For at Bolesworth

One of the most awaited things about the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show is the return of the Eventing Grand Prix, which is an invitational race where only the high-calibre names are requested to join. This event will be held in the Main International Arena, which is expected to bring in a multitude of people thrilled to witness this feature class event to be held on the Friday evening schedule.

Aside from the race, many fans of this sporting show are ready to see the Hunt relay, which will involve some exciting qualifying rounds, which will happen on the Saturday of the event’s schedule. The final round will also take place in the Main ring, which will be the finale of the show on the last day of the event on the Sunday evening of the event.

Last year’s horse show was a massive success, which is why it is predicted that this year will also be greeted with a warm welcome. This year, the Wednesday and Thursday schedules will be devoted to top-of-the-line dressage. The return of the Bolesworth CDI*** is set to attract only the best names in horse riding right at the Bolesworth Estate.

If you are still hesitating about purchasing your ticket to this prestigious sporting event, here are the activities that will surely convince you to make a reservation right now:

1. Dressage

Dressage has gone global, thanks to this international horse show. Last year’s event stirred the interest of many people as the Bolesworth CDI*** was launched right at the yard of the dressage legend, Carl Hester in Gloucestershire.

Hester is famed for his capacity as a trainer and a rider, and he brought home the trophy for the Invitational Grand Prix Freestyle back in 2016. It was his first time in Bolesworth at that time.

Among the stars who have confirmed their appearance and their will to compete are Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester as well.

2. Show Jumping

Another part of the event is show jumping. Since 680 BC, a man riding a horse has been a frequent sporting occurrence in the Ancient Olympic Games. Show jumping is an electrifying spectacle for several reasons, including that it is the ultimate sport for a team. If you have ever sat on a horse, you know it would take significant cross-species teamwork to make the horse jump or merely trot forward.

Show jumping is also thrilling in the sense that you can watch male and female equestrians competing against one another. Everyone is equal in this event, which is quite rare in the world of professional sports today.

The event takes place in a genuinely charming area, which is actually the formula of equestrian sport. Competition between the top riders and their horses from around the world are invited to Bolesworth Estate, which is undeniably one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

3. Elite Auction

The auction will happen at night, specifically on the Thursday evening of the show. It will have magnificent horses, which will be sold to the highest bidder. In 2017, the Elite Auction raised £92,000. Tinka’s Star claimed that record, which was the previous horse of Billy Twomey and was the offspring of the Olympic legend Nick Skelton.

The colt did look impressive as the spotlight shone on it for the first time and its chestnut colour gleamed, causing huge interest among the VIP guests and the telephone bidders. The mentioned amount is believed to be the highest price ever paid in the history of all the young of show jumpers in the United Kingdom. The youngster was bought by someone who lives in Saudi Arabia where he will be transported.

4. Dog Show

If you are with your kids, they will surely love this part of the event. Whether you are a dog lover or not, you will appreciate the dogs participating in the dog show. It is not only about showcasing the beauty of the dogs, their shiny coats, and their regal walks. The dog show will also present to the audience how agile these well-cared-for canines as they jump over various obstacles.

5. Freestyle Motocross

For those who are fans of motorcycles and the daredevils who like to flip their bikes up in the air or glide over, while doing dangerous stunts, the Arenacross Promo Tour will be at the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show on the 16th (Saturday) and 17th (Sunday) of June. It will surely be a stunning performance where the pros show off their mad skills to the crowd.

The Freestyle Motocross will be held near the lake next to the main entrance of the estate. Four displays will be available every day, which are all guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. You can expect to see the high-flying action of the riders as they are on their bikes just to let it loose while they are 40 feet in the air beyond the track.

Among the riders that will participate is Jamie Squibb who is fond of mixing trick combos while flipping in the air. Steve Sommerfield will join him who enjoys ditching his bike and jumping the barriers that separate the crowd and the riders.

Best Things to Do

Aside from watching the sporting events mentioned above featuring horses, motorcycles, and dogs, other activities will also make your stay fun at the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show. If you love shopping, you will see the large village that is specially made for shoppers. It is one of the highlights of the event every year where collections of different well-known brands are all over the area. They are joined by independent and bespoke merchants from around the world.

The sporting event is not only for men but also for women as Bolesworth International celebrates lady’s day where the female guests are encouraged to dress to impress. The best dresser will be rewarded with some very cool prizes.

Families will also have fun during the horse show event. Since the 17th (Sunday) of June is Father’s Day, the Grand Prix will start on this day, along with the chance to meet and greet Tim Stockdale or John Whitaker. The persons invited to join them can even take a course walk with these personalities.

There will also be a business lunch to be held at the VIP Hospitality Marquee where a special guest speaker will attend. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to create a network with more than 50 local and regional companies.

For those who love eating and drinking, the event is where you can find a range of options that can accommodate all preferences and budgets. The organisers promise to deliver an even better service and selections of cocktails and dishes.

If you have kids with you, there are attractions for children of different ages. They will have an exhilarating experience as they go for pony rides, Segway, corner exotics where exotic animals, such as reptiles can be found, and the scream-inducing yet safe to use giant inflatable slides. There is also an extreme mountain bike show for older kids, along with crazy golf, and assault course.

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