University of Chester: Rising Star in the 2024 Guardian University Guide

The University of Chester has recently celebrated an impressive rise of 21 places in the Guardian University Guide 2024. Now ranked 53rd among the top UK institutions, this ascent from last year’s 74th position showcases its commitment to student satisfaction, academic excellence, and innovation.

University of Chester: Rising Star in the 2024 Guardian University Guide - Chester Taxi Services

University Campus and Offerings

Boasting a multi-campus infrastructure, the University is primarily based in the picturesque walled city of Chester with six distinct sites. Additionally, it extends to other regional locations like Birkenhead, Warrington, Shrewsbury, and Reaseheath – a specialist area for land-based studies near Nantwich. This widespread presence positions Chester as a desirable alternative to more prominent city universities like Liverpool and Manchester.

Historically established in 1839 as a teacher-training college, the University’s roots remain evident today. Chester continues to significantly contribute to the public sector, churning out graduate teachers, nurses, midwives, social workers, sports scientists, and public health professionals annually.

In addition to traditional courses, the University is known for its nearly 600-strong degree apprenticeship programs. These prominently feature fields such as nursing, social work, and policing.

Recent Innovations

Aligning with the ever-evolving educational landscape, Chester University has restructured its academics into three core faculties: arts, humanities, and social sciences; health, medicine, and society; and science, business, and enterprise. This strategic reorganisation aims to foster greater interdisciplinary cooperation in teaching and research.

Furthermore, new degrees are consistently being introduced. Notably, courses in banking and finance, community policing, criminal investigation, professional policing, and early and middle childhood education are some of the latest additions. Enhancing its legal education, the University’s law school has recently moved adjacent to the Chester Crown Courts, offering students an immersive learning experience.

In April, the University of Chester also unveiled its brand-new centre in Warrington, which bolsters its offerings in health, social work, policing, and education.

Teaching Methodologies and Student Support

Post-Covid, the University of Chester has resumed in-person teaching across all its courses. While a hybrid model of online and offline classes is still in place for some, the University underscores the significance of in-person attendance.

With a lower-than-expected dropout rate of 7.4% compared to the projected 9.9%, it is evident that the institution offers substantial support for its students. Chester University is also known for its flexible admission criteria, accepting various qualifications and life experiences. This inclusivity particularly benefits mature students, who constituted over a quarter of the last year’s intake.

To cater to the holistic well-being of its students, the University has a comprehensive mental health support system in place. This encompasses everything from wellness sessions and peer networks to round-the-clock crisis management.

The University of Chester’s ascent in the Guardian University Guide is a testament to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and student well-being. With its rich history, multi-campus infrastructure, and a focus on contemporary courses, Chester remains a top choice for students seeking quality education in the UK.


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