Wedding Venues in and Around Chester

Last year we listed twelve popular wedding venues in Chester, since then we have provided our taxi service to a lot more wedding venues in and around Chester. We hope this wedding venue list helps you find your dream destination.

Before we dive in you will need to remember to register or Give Notice of Marriage and if you are a resident in Cheshire West and Chester please contact Chester register office

Wedding Venues in Chester - Chester Taxis

Chester Wedding Venues

Hallmark Hotel Llyndir Hall

Love history? If so, you’ll love getting married at this 19th-century country house that has been set in some of the most breathtaking garden landscapes in the country. You will see a beautiful and majestic 200-year-old Beech tree, which sits at the center of everything. If you want one of the most romantic settings in all of the United Kingdom, then you shouldn’t hesitate for a minute to book yourself at the Hallmark Hotel Llyndir Hall.

The wedding ceremonies can also be held outdoors in one of the lush and vibrant gardens. The pergola has been made in the spectacular Italian style, and you have twinkling fairy lights to guarantee you have the best backdrop for your wedding.

Address: Llyndir Lane, Rossett, Chester LL12 0AY
Tel: 0330 028 3417



You have many reasons you may want to visit Oddfellows. Ever thought to discover a married couple dancing on the ceiling? In all ways that matter, Oddfellows differ in a big way from your ordinary wedding venues to reach the level of extraordinary. First, it looks both quirky and unique. At the same time, it looks fascinating and romantic with decor that immerses you in the world of the elegant. Oddfellows was designed with the specific purpose of an intimate ceremony where you can have a dining reception of 60 people. You could also choose a 140-guest extravaganza.

Oddfellows claims its uniqueness because of the level of customization. You can choose bedrooms straight out of an Alice in Wonderland fantasy, but you might also choose to host a wedding like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Whatever you have in mind, your request will be honored.

Address: 20 Lower Bridge Street, Chester CH1 1RS
Tel: 01244 345454


The Chester Grosvenor

As soon as you have stepped onto the grounds of the Chester Grosvenor, you will imagine stunning weddings in both the gardens and the chambers of this estate. Chester Grosvenor started back in 1865, and originally, it began as a Druid temple, but the Roman empire supplanted it as a Roman temple. As you roam across the opulent grounds, you see the hand-painted interior with a glass skylight that has splashed the world with color. It reflects light with a 28,000-piece crystal chandelier. As a guest, you will see catering to rival that of some of the award-winning eateries in the heart of Paris.

The Chester Grosvenor quickly becomes the definition of a boutique hotel. It can host anywhere from two to 240 guests, and no matter what size your affair might be, the service here can’t be easily matched.

Address: Eastgate Street, Chester CH1 1LT
Tel: 01244 324024


Chester Town Hall

Perhaps you want a more modern wedding? Maybe you’re the type who refuses to turn off your smartphone because your boss might call you at 2 am? If so, you’re most likely the type who lives life on the edge. Still, you have a craving for romance like most couples. When you book at the Chester Town Hall, you can have everything you want from start to finish. You could host anywhere from 30 to 250 people, and you will most likely desire the lavish affair with a simple Englishman’s breakfast. You can make these things official for all the right reasons.

Address: Town Hall Northgate Street, Chester CH1 2HJ
Tel: 01244 304660


The Events Co. At Old Hall

Ever wanted a purely British wedding? Here at historic abbot ground, you will see a classic 13th-century moat that encircles the lovely design. You have the ultimate level of privacy here. The interior works perfectly well for those formal occasions, and you have big and dramatic windows that sit grandly along a lush, green lawn. Every guest will be greeted upon their arrival, which comes at the Taittinger Champagne Terrace. You may even notice a sweet fragrance follow you to the lavish interiors where you can invite up to 300 guests for your reception. You’re almost guaranteed to snap some of the most unforgettable photos that will go down in family history.

Address: Aldford Road, Chester CH3 6EA
Tel: 07712 124393


Mollington Banastre Hotel and Spa

Known as the epicenter of weddings in Chester, Mollington Banastre Hotel and Spa let you enjoy the Englishman’s countryside while leaving you close enough to town so that your guests might have an excursion. Known as a stately venue, Mollington Banastre Hotel and Spa takes a special pride in how many amenities they offer to guests. You can host for up to 220 folks and take advantage of the most creative package. Whether you want a colorful and alluring wedding cake or a romantic chance at the honeymoon suite, this could be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

Address: Parkgate Road Mollington, Chester CH1 6NN
Tel: 01244 851471


Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa

You don’t have to be manor-born to hold a romantic wedding at the Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa anymore. You will witness some of the most lavish entertainment here. Crabwall Manor has remained part of the celebrations of Chester since the early 1600s, but you will notice how all 48 of the bedrooms and baths have seen a tasteful update. You will also see classy decor from the 21st century. On the carefully groomed gardens and lawns, you will be sucked into the atmosphere. You have an interior banquet facility, and guests will see white glove service and gourmet dining. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to refresh themselves at the spa? Imagine being the wedding couple that sent the guest home blissed out from their wedding.

Address: Parkgate Rd, Mollington, Chester CH1 6NE
Tel: 01244 851666


Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa

Perhaps you’re the type who wants to get as far from the bustling city as possible. It leads to a much quieter big day. Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa sits around five miles outside the bustling crowds and the honking traffic. You will be treated to an exotic spa massage, which has its origins in the Middle East. Stroll through the romantic gardens, the rustic bridge and the lake. In the centre, you will have an island.

This is the location that even won awards for its extravagant weddings. The place has been seen as a photographer’s haven with some of the most beautiful natural backdrops. You have a selection of five different banquet suites, and you can also choose to take your guests outside to say your vows in front of a decadent fountain. Another option is amid the Asian sensory garden. Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa has everything you could want from world-class eateries and a thoughtful catering staff to meet your every whim.

Address: Wrexham Road, Pulford, Chester CH4 9DG
Tel: 01244 570560


Mulberry Inn

Set in the quaint and quiet setting of the countryside, the Mulberry Inn can be found five scenic miles away from A5, and it lies tucked away in the valley just outside the border town called Chirk. When you visit the Mulberry Inn, you won’t soon forget. This lovely four-star venue keeps the friendliness and warmth throughout, and the stunning interior and beautiful outside gardens are a real sight to behold.

At the Mulberry Inn, you will see some of the most dazzling views in the Garden Room where the rolling landscapes and the luxury become all too apparent.

Address: Llwynmawr, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen LL20 7BB
Tel: 01691 718281


Hallmark Hotel Chester, the Queen

A location in the habit of throwing weddings for more than 150 years, you can always rest assured that your wedding at the Queen will be an opulent wedding full of decadent cuisine and ultra -luxury treatment for your guests. You will throw a wedding in close proximity to the heart of Chester, but at the same time, you will be far enough into the countryside to where you won’t feel stifled by the city. This wedding venue was even given airtime on the popular programme, “Four Weddings.”

The Queen has carefully chosen each of the staff members to work with the nervous dads and overwhelmed brides. You can choose from more than eight elegant ceremony sites that include:

  • Palace-worthy rooms
  • Italian terraces
  • Luscious garden centres straight from a Renaissance painting.

You can invite more than 300 guests to the Queen, and they will be silent in awe at the immaculate beauty of this location. They will marvel at the tasty cuisine and your excellent taste.

Address: City Rd, Chester CH1 3AH
Tel: 0330 028 3402


The Chester Racecourse

Ever since you were a kid, your father took you to the horse races, which captured the heart of your imagination. The Chester Racecourse is a lovely place to watch the horse races, and you can creatively pander to the tastes of your guests with the delightful cuisine found here. Your guests will never grow bored with the opportunity explore over six acres of racecourse property. Ever wished you could have a full and vibrant wedding? If you have a lot of guests you want to invite, then you may want to consider the Chester Racecourse. This scenic wedding venue will accommodate for as many as 650 guests, which makes it the biggest on the list.

Not to mention, another one of the cool things about this wedding venue is how you will enjoy the award-winning caterers. These are people who are responsible for the feeding crowd attendees, and they have done all of this with seasonal and local-grown produce. The caterers here pay an embarrassing level of attention to detail in every aspect because they want your wedding to be the best that it can be.

Address: Watergate Street, The Racecourse CH1 2LY
Tel: 01244 304600


Doubletree by Hilton

An American brand that comes from the Hilton Hotel, this wonderful estate sits two miles from the city centre, but still, far enough out into the country. You will see a grand 18th-century manor house, which has lovingly been restored to its former elegance. Brides and grooms can almost rest assured that they will experience an elegant and spectacular romantic affair. Check out the conservatory ballroom to see a breathtaking place that accommodates up to 350 wedding guests. The food here tastes heavenly with its wonderful caterers. Also, did someone say something about a spa? You have a state-of-the-art spa, which will leave your guests feeling refreshed and bright-eyed after going to your wedding. For the couples who would love a wedding in nature, they might request the ceremony be held in the garden which holds Victorian walls. You have over 140 guest rooms available, which means that you never have to cut people on the guest list.

Address: Warrington Rd, Chester CH2 3PD
Tel: 01244 408800


Old Palace Chester

Between ancient ruins and the exquisite riverfront, where a remarkable history and a stunning contemporary style meet, sits Old Palace Chester. This flawless setting offers palatial grandeur, an unrivalled location and all the space you could need for the most exceptional wedding day. There is simply nowhere else like it, and this unique Cheshire wedding venue can be exclusively yours. Soak up the opulence and rich past of Old Palace Chester and become part of the story of this incredible place.

Address: Little St John St, Chester CH1 1SN
Tel: 01244 564380


Putting the Transportation Together

According to wedding planning guides you should be looking to book your transportation between the 9 – 12 month pre wedding mark. You have a lot on your plate, so book it and check that off your list

Chester Taxi Services offers minibus taxis for transporting guests to and from venues, we also offer a chauffeur service for the bridal party. We’re always available to show guests around sites in Chester. We have expanded our fleet so that our customers will enjoy the most unforgettable wedding. You tell us where you want to go, and we’ll help you get there.


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