Wheelchair Friendly Taxis in Chester

Using a wheelchair should not present a barrier to travelling in Chester by taxi.  At Chester Taxi Services we recognise this and can provide wheelchair friendly taxis in Chester to fully meet your travel needs.

Wheelchair Friendly Taxis

Chester Taxi Service can provide wheelchair friendly taxi options to make your journey as comfortable as possible. We believe it is important to offer everybody the same level of comfort and convenience when travelling with us.

If you'd like to know more about our wheelchair friendly taxi options please call us on 01244 421 024.

Accessible Transport by Taxi in Chester

You have a legal right to accessible transport by taxi.

Our taxi drivers are trained to help you and will offer assistance in getting your wheelchair on and off the taxi.

We are learning all the time so if you have any comments or suggestions to help us offer a better service to wheelchair users of taxis please drop us a line or call us on 01244 421 024 as we would really like to hear from you.

  • If you're sitting in a wheelchair, make sure you travel in the right position, secure the chair and wear a seat belt; never sit sideways.
  • Some drivers might drive past if they see you in a wheelchair or with a guide dog (even though this is an offence), so get someone else or a friend to hail the taxi.
  • Booking taxis at certain times of day - such as 8.30-9.30am and 3-6pm - may be a problem, as they may be pre-booked for work or school journeys.
  • Always let drivers know in advance if you're a wheelchair user.

Thank you and on behalf of all our drivers at Chester Taxis we wish you a safe and comfortable journey.


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